Author Topic: Official AI set with mainly normal cars, but few bus/harvester etc. thrown in?  (Read 151 times)


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It's possible with a modded AI set. But leaving this out from Official game feels like huge omission...

Ton of fun against AI (because they don't use the specials to ruin races like human opponent, but actually try to race them). The situations and crashes ensuing are hilarious. Being able to race only 1-make-grids with specials feels quite odd choice. Like the most fun possible scenario involving these vehicles is left out. Even when you're leading the AI by long gap, lapping that bus or harvester can still create interesting situations

In multiplayer, we all know how Specials end up being used... but thing is against AI it's actually fun. As long as vast majority of grid is still normal cars (otherwise gets too chaotic, and causes pileups)
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