Author Topic: Is vote ban a good idea to have in online lobby?  (Read 142 times)


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Is this a good idea?  From Wreckfest Discord:

DecadeUKToday at 8:11 AM
i just got banned from EU#3 by a couple of cucks abusing the voteban feature
just fyi
would appreciate a reversal
i think they're just doing the same to everyone who joins
yeah they're just taking advantage of the low player pops to ban anyone who joins who isn't their friend
just had a mate confirm it

Purple44Today at 10:05 AM
hmmm, did not know player could voteban, thought it was only vote kick, ya I could see voteban being abuse by some players!!

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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I certainly wouldn't lose sleep if the vote ban feature disappeared. Groups of imbeciles trolling servers like that can kill a server
altogether if the host isn't paying attention. Hell, the vote kick/ban spam going on already is making the entire online experience
somewhat asinine at times.
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A clique of people could ban others as they show up and essentially make any given empty server into their own private server for a day.

Voting should be for things you'd request of an admin; track choice, game mode, number of bots, resets on or off, etc.

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It happened to me yesterday in BC Bangers. Three people in it and got kicked out immedietly lol