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Janne Suur-Näkki

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Howdy everyone,

You know the game is already considered released and we're currently concentrating most of our resources on getting the console versions in a nice shape.

That said, we're love to hear from you what you think the game is still missing and what could be improved on. It can be something major but at the same time we're also interested in small things that you think could improve the game. Now we're not saying any of this could make it into the game as it depends on the variety of factors but let's say we're keeping your suggestions in mind for future purposes :)

And yes, there are already some threads like this but for the most part they're outdated or spread out too thin.

Please, fire at will!

The Very End

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1: Game modes reworked and game modes added. Make the banger racing game mode focus more on the actual wrecking, where score is more important and the main factor compared to the finish position. Maybe split it one for racing and one for point racing. First one is what banger racing is today.
Then game modes as this could be added:

Capture the flag - / run with the flag / hold an item or bring and item to a destination
Folkrace - (has to take a alternative route before the end of the race to prevent DNF)
War zones - Derby event, keep other teams or other players (two different, one for team one for individual) out from a zone or area. This area is random spawning on track and not allways a pre-defined location
Point - to - point race (as the way of doing it now is not ideal involving alternative routes)
Bombrun - keep over a certain speed all the time
Tag - Tag to be "it", the longer you are it the more points you score. Or a general fox and hound event
Cannon Race - The good old physics cannon, or like the infamous ball from Viper Racing. Totally stupid, but good for a laugh
Juggernaut - A team of up to 23 people against one mean, hostile AI car (or one human, with some seriously alternation to collision matrix / force / health)

2: Implement / add more weather settings, or use Pichards weather setting in core game

3: Start position slider in quick race event, 1 - 24

4: More AI sets, "same as player", as well as "same as player D / C / B / A class"

5: More visual parts

6: Auto-reduction of foliage to reduce out-of-vertex error (this is the bane of my existence these days when testing haha!)

7: Make the visual damage on normal and realistic the same
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St. Jimmy

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- Folkrace/rallycross gamemode.

- Possibility having starting order decided by lobby points or something like that (normal or reversed) so at least private races could've some pre-defined starting order in some way.

- Derbies should be about who made the most damage. Takedowns and assists shouldn't matter at all.

- Easy access to leaderboards. You had it right at some point of the development. When you go in LB you should be able to change the track and class.

- Implement system to detect "clean laps" bit like in Forza, so those times go over anything else in the leaderboard. If you ever make a clean lap, it doesn't get overridden by a dirty lap, no matter how good. Cut the track, hit a wall too hard, rub the paint with other car and the time gets marked with (!) or it gets red or something. It shouldn't affect the race, so the race lap counts, just the lap time isn't clean.
The leaderboard could have the clean and dirty laps mixed and you could filter dirty ones out. Or dirty laps go below any clean lap in the leaderboard.

- Show assists in the leaderboard with small icons

- Some performance parts could also reduce the weight

- Now performance parts just affect the engine efficiency %. It makes the upgrade system pretty boring. Even the engine upgrades are made that way. Would be nice if those engines actually differ.

- Visual parts like spoilers should affect drag and downforce. Shouldn't also come off too easily.

- FREAKING MIRRORS AND SOME AWERNESS ARROWS SO WE CAN HAVE GOOD CLEAN FIGHTS. It's so hard to know now where other cars are around you. The sounds don't make it any easier.
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    I would love to see any sort of the following implemented at some point in time:

    • Custom livery creation like Trackmania/Template Upload or more livery designs.
    • More armor pieces or visual designs.
    • Point to point races where all cars start in one long horizontal line.
    • A few more tuning settings/adjust current: tire pressure front/rear tires, a reason to run soft suspension, etc
    • Performance parts vary in what they do. Right now there is no need to buy anything other than the racing upgrade.
    • UI optimization, can be quite laggy at times.
    • Baja Races/Trucks.
    • Track Checkpoint Optimization.
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Tag - Tag to be "it", the longer you are it the more points you score. Or a general fox and hound event

5: More visual parts

I'm all for a tag mode and some cars need more visual parts.  :)

Also would be GREAT if Bugbear could release a final version of the TAG mode that we unlock at Flatout Joint in game files of Flatout 2.

As hunter, you got to tag a prey and make them a new hunter. Player with the least amount of time as hunter, win the match if I remember right.

Was nice that TAG mode would scale with more hunters if there was more players playing.  :)

Was hoping Bugbear was going release finish version of TAG mode that was stable with the release of PC version of FO Ultimate Carnage, but that did not happen.


- Show assists in the leaderboard with small icons

I also would like see this in the lobby or result screen online. Be nice to know if the players winning the races, is using assists or not. Maybe give more incentive for players to use no assists, if not a KB player.


Going save some typing:

Definitely agree server moderators should have the option to change tracks!

Players in the lobby will request tracks or ask to do a derby, be nice that moderators can do this if there no Admin around.  :D

Is vote ban a good idea to have in online lobby?

Is this a good idea?  From Wreckfest Discord:

DecadeUKToday at 8:11 AM
i just got banned from EU#3 by a couple of cucks abusing the voteban feature
just fyi
would appreciate a reversal
i think they're just doing the same to everyone who joins
yeah they're just taking advantage of the low player pops to ban anyone who joins who isn't their friend
just had a mate confirm it

Purple44Today at 10:05 AM
hmmm, did not know player could voteban, thought it was only vote kick, ya I could see voteban being abuse by some players!!

Can't do a post like this and not ask for snow tracks.  :D  And for Bugbear to get trailer races working in Wreckfest.  :D :D  Maybe in an expansion pack late next year?

Bugbear would like to give us trailer races someday, they have done some testing.  :D

I'm thinking Bugbear will need to DNF your car once your trailer is de-hitch from car, so only players with a trailer still connected to car can finish race.

Trailer\ caravan races be a great why for Bugbear to show off their soft body damage model. :)
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Edit: Be sure to read til you reach the video.

Hey, I like most of the game and I'm looking forward to things to come. I would like more emphasis and changes to game modes. Last team standing demolition derby is a mode that could bring out tactical game play and intense multiplayer action.

After hosting a multiplayer event with 32 people, I can assure you that it was a lot of fun but a large pain and hassle to set up. If there was a stock game mode, I would only have to click 3 or 4 buttons instead of a month of planning,  ha. Plus it's a realistic mode that has real world roots.

These 2 guys stole the derby nation's hearts on a live steamed event  in 2014.

(The videographer is not me but I know him personally, he has some decent vids, check out his other stuff!)

Small teams are fun so we had 8 teams of 4 just like at Blizzard Bash.

That brings me to my next suggestion. The option for more teams as well. 4 teams is okay for 16 players or less, but with 24,  2 to 4 man teams would be awesome with a mode like last team standing or team racing

I bet people would love to join a clan with their friends and play tournaments online, but I understand that you may want to just add these things with console release as well. Who knows? :)

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- Be able to make servers favorites to easier find them in the list by putting them on top or making a new tab for them.

- It would also be good to have a Global leaderboard (like we have now) but also a server leader board. I am tired of the cheaters on there. I suggest to make the checkpoint stricter or even make some tracks even more restrict of where you need to put up some kind of cement blocks like you did on tarmac 2 for example even if that track also beeing exploted still. (Yes I know this is annoying BUT if there wasent anyone cutting to get to the 1st play we would not need to adress the issue right?) I just feel its really boring to play right now, I wanna see how fast I am to other players but knowing some abusing some checkpoints/corner its not fun anymore and driven me and others from the game for the moment.

- Making it possible to have more then 60 laps. Set the cap to atleast 200 (ovals are fine with that number but just so we are able to make longer endurances)

- I feel like the name smelt in too much with the white clouds often so I dont see their name, I still want some kind of "shadow" behind it but not like it have been befor, something like this that you where announcing way back would be good, also POS numbers as an option please!

- Some permanent bans I do wont be there after I restart the servers. I ban them on all 3 servers but sometimes when I restart them the ban are gone and I need to ban them again.

- "STEAMPS3 - AsyncTCPSocket created/STEAMPS3 - AsyncTCPSocket destryed" still happening and causes lag.

- Is it possible to still do something with it? Also is it possible in some way (if the creators agrees with it) to make a free DLC that could be called "Community track DLC" where you could add tracks that are 100% complete from creators so we dont need to use mods for every track outside of the original game? If you are able to do so, tell the community that they can get their tracks in the game and we might even see more creators making more new tracks that could be added to this DLC and let it take 1-2 months befor adding it to let them make some tracks etc. (Just an idea ofc)

Local or individual server based ones would be better imo. Then admins can remove cheated laps themselves or if local youd only see laps of people you'd raced against.

And it'd work for mod tracks.

In Forza you can cut the track, draft and hit someone and the lap counts. But those laps get marked and are marked in the leaderboard with (!). Any clean lap will go over the (!) lap.

Personally, what i'd like to see is replays attached to the top 100 times on the leaderboard, that way you can see exactly how the time was achieved.
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The Very End

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- It would also be good to have a Global leaderboard (like we have now) but also a server leader board. I am tired of the cheaters on there. I suggest to make the checkpoint stricter or even make some tracks even more restrict of where you need to put up some kind of cement blocks like you did on tarmac 2 for example even if that track also beeing exploted still. (Yes I know this is annoying BUT if there wasent anyone cutting to get to the 1st play we would not need to adress the issue right?) I just feel its really boring to play right now, I wanna see how fast I am to other players but knowing some abusing some checkpoints/corner its not fun anymore and driven me and others from the game for the moment.

This one is extremely hard to balance. While I get your frustration, decreasing checkpoint width, more strict sector enforcing and such would really piss off a lot of people. Already people get pretty annoyed by the red ring of doom, where you have to drive backwards to find out what part of track you cut too much (a visual indicator would be nice). It is like the horn case, where one side really wants one while the other really hates it.
Maybe it would be better to create a mod that alternates the tracks to a more race them with stricter sectors / checkpoint and object placement. Such can quickly be done by Bagedit alone at the moment. And that way you won't get the love/hate situation.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Thanks for all the feedback, this is great.

Just a quick note regarding the checkpoints and sectors: in case there's a clear issue somewhere please flag it (in detail, please) and we'll attack these one by one. Especially considering there's soon going to be a console release(s) with a lot of new players having fair and truthful leaderboards is very important. Having server hosted leaderboards is fine, but it's not really fixing the root of the problem but more like a workaround.


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- Recent post race results saved to a local .txt document.
- Local lap-time saves and/or support for lap-times on modded tracks.
- Sprint cup mode (with lap count option) that works online.
- Bring back mad dog/big hitter post race rewards for racing modes.
- Grid starting options i.e random/reverse grid.
- Support for more than 2 axles :)
- Dev tools for suspension geometry and engine power/torque curves.
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Firstly, enjoying the game a lot!

Here's a really simple thing that would be great in my book...

The AI names, I see that that they were editable in a file, then that was removed as it caused a crash if not enough names.

Playing the Career against some of the dodgy usernames is not great - would be much much better if could put some decent names in.
Such a simple thing, and if people edit the AI names file and don;t put in enough data, or invalid data - surely it's not tricky to default to the standard names?
Would be a big win for me - want to drive against the crash king "Sebastien Vettel"     ;)

Building on that, Flatout games had the the characters in the game which brought much character to the game, actual visualizations of characters to drive against
would be great.

On the racing, I like the idea of an option - lets say you have a event with quarter final, semi and final.
Any damage to the car obtained in first race should be carried through to the second race reflecting real banger racing events.
Maybe with option to do some limited repairs.

Losing a tyre/wheel would be good - but still be able to drive on but with spark's flying everywhere, scraping the tarmac and the inevitable effect on handling.

Great stuff though!


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Personally i only have a gripe with the AI and the variety of paint schemes.

For someone who plays with all assists off, it seems kind of unfair that ai can knock me round so easily but with them it doesn't seem to work half the time. Spinning ai at lower speeds is particularly a problem, it#s like they're running stickier tyres or a much higher ESC.

Also, i think their way of attacking could do with changing as well, if it's possible. Their attacks can be effective, but the problem is they're not racing, they're wrecking themselves also.

For paints, i kind of miss the variety the game had during the earlier and beat builds. there's an awful lot of flames and slogans that appear on multiple cars now, so i'd like to see more themes put into the mix or at least have some paints from previous builds make a comeback

Keep it up in the meantime BB :)
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-More gamemodes would be appreciated, like trailer races and soccer derby (with AI support, if possible).

-More customization parts and paintjobs in general.

-FFB improvements and individual settings for suspensions, collisions etc.

-AI tweaks in derbies, so bots don't just mindlessly crash at each other but may also take advantage of the timer to take their time and not die too soon, just like the player.

-There needs to be a more meaningful reward for completing the career. Also consider including new potential content into the career mode as well to increase its variety and reduce the repetitiveness.


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- Please bring back mad dog and hardest hitter awards at the end of races
- A function to save race results to a external document file would greatly assist online leagues
- The ability to select starting grids would be nice for online play too
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I have a few suggestions, some of which are most likely already coming soon

- Adding in a few more extra variants of tracks, such as Mixed 3's currently unused layout that has cameras existing for it, Sandpit 3 could have some more, like a route with no crossovers and one with 2 crossovers, Tarmac 3's extra bit of circuit that's not been developed on yet to name a few.

- Utilising the more specific part icons for things like wheels, hoods, spoilers etc that currently go unused to see what the part roughly looks like so it's easier to get the part you want without clicking through every option

- Varying the engine swaps. What I mean for this is to make the different engines (sport, race etc) more different from the original engine, for example, a B engine's street engine could have a different power band and lower max RPM, with the race engine having a different power band and a higher max RPM, as was the case in older builds. This small change would give the engine upgrades a small bit of variety instead of being a basic multiplier and give people more choice when building a car to race with. This could also include actual engine swaps to add more variety to cars.

- More paint options. Again, there are some that are currently unused in game, but I'd like to see some more options for cars as well as an option to make the car look "clean" and not beaten up for people that want that.

- More visual variations. For this I mean, for example, the rear spoiler option could have some larger, race oriented options, or some more professional looking versions of existing spoilers. Same goes for the front splitter and hoods.

I'm fairly sure that these wouldn't be hard to implement, and would make the game better in terms of content, gameplay, and UI/UX
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