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Merhunes Dagon

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Hi ! I would like to see :

Major things :

   - More tracks in different environment like in flatout 1&2 with snow/desert/farm/forest/city/village/on the beach/through tunnel/or crossing a huge bridge! etc
   - More destruction tracks like in flatout 2 too (sorry i did not remember track's name)
   - More derby for example the 3 derby maps in flatout 1 were awesome especially the last one with jumps !
   - More cars like muddigger so we aren't all with muddigger during a derby in online and make them less powerfull so they are slower (even fully tunned) if possible, so during races all cars are a bit faster than a 4x4
   - Special cars ! Truck (with and without trailer), a monster truck, garbage truck, a van, a tank ? lol why not ! And a quad.
     (Between, add a truck or a monster truck can add new special game mod)

   - More game mods :
      - Something like cops and robber (I know purple44 is doing it) on a big map or why not use tarmac 2 map and add other roads for example.
      - A game mod where you have to jump the farthest with 1 default car you can't tun, add obstacles so it's harder
      - Another where you have to crash your car and to make the biggest accident (in realistic mod).
      - A parkour where you have to go the farthest or to finnish it quickly with different obstables like a jump over cars etc
      - A fun mod where you do what you want like in dirt 3 (don't remember how it was called)
      - A capture the flag mod
      - A football mod maybe ? It can be very fun !
      - Races where you have no laps (so 1 parkour at least 4 minutes)

Small things :

   - Add door's collision !
   - Spikes when cars collide (it is already a mod) but I would like to see spikes spikes and smoked when your car is on the roof and rub on the tarmac with a special sound too
   - Cars getting dirty (it was well made in motorstorm pacific rift !)
   - Adding water on some tracks, something with a lot of mud but I think I should put this in major suggestion  :P
   - More weather !
   - More sound when crashing
   - More customisation and more paints skin (and ai have more customisation too)
   - AI custom their cars with motor upgrade or visual/armor upgrade or both (in setting before launching the race)

EDIT : During team race or team death match, the car is the same colour as your team and you can custom each of your car for blue/red/green/yellow team so the major color is by default the color of your team and the secondary colour are all the color WITHOUT THE COLOUR OF THE OTHER 3 TEAMS (the color of your own team is available) so you don't have to play with hud player name.

Well I think I forgot somethings but I said my biggest idea/improvement. Do what you want to do with it now !  :P
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Doubledecker races...

2 players per team. Half of cars. one player drives while the other steers.
I've never seen such an event in any game before.

And then there would still be:
Weaken the Muddigger
He is either too fast for his weight or too fast for the mass.
Or he is too easy to drive.
But in any of the three points he should be mitigated in any case.

presuming ed

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I've been using the 'score' property from the Wreckfest SteamAPI to track damage race by race which has added a level of interest to our server.

What would be good is if you could extend that to also put last lap time, current race position and car / car class being driven.

Then we can start to build our own server laptime leaderboards and championships.


Some cars have too high front suspension (such as Starbeast).

Starbeast needs Olds Rocket 455 engine.

Hammerhead needs old good B230 back.

Hood locks must be stronger.

Roll bars must be stronger.

Oversteer - understeer slider to adjust car sliding.

Real rear brakes, some cars try understeer even rear brakes.

Heat races to mp.
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Hello and thanks for this opportunity, you guys are awesome!

More track variations and environments. Perhaps look at some mod tracks for daring inspiration.

Vehicle ride height adjustability.

I am personally undecided as to assists being shown globally but server hosts should have the ability to show
them if they wish. Done incorrectly this could create havoc in lobbies/ in game chat. People will be people.
Being this is an "arcade" style game designed to be "pick up and play", and to appeal to the largest possible
audience, forcing everyone to show assists could prove toxic. Either keep it the way it is or get rid of assists

Engine sounds need serious improvement. Speedbird/Starbeast awesome, Roadslayer/Roadcutter frankly suck.
This also goes for the crash and impact audio as well.

Different Mudigger class vehicles like pickup trucks, Box trucks or vans.

Make doors/hood/trunk lids harder to detach.

Improve the ability to mod in general and let us have the ability to mod deformation! 8)

Thanks for reading, love this damn game!!
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The game is great BUT
after the full release I have played maybe 5 hours and then the game got boring for me again because my long term motivation game mode is not implemented.

-Please add Wrecking racing game mode (goal is to make points by turning opponent cars at 90, 180 degree or flip to roof).

-More game modes like in EveOfDestruction:
-Red Rover, Car Soccer, Push off (will be great online modes)

-Deformation should effect car handling.  For example: I want option to have the car pull to one side if wheel or steering link is broken.

-Save the entered number of laps and number of AI cars by track.

- VR support or make mouse look option for onboard view.

-Option to disable the health bar. Please make it independent from player name.

Thank you very much.
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Id like the driver model to be undeformable like the engineblock and steeringwheel. Also animated arms on the steeringwheel would be great too.

Maybe animated visual suspensions.
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Here a bug that need looking into:

Found out today, that jumbotron not working in the shade. But did notice this when working on gokart track mod couple months ago, but forgot about it.

I wanted to use the jumbotron to help players find the finish line on my new Mixed 5 A to B track:

Did some testing on stock derby fig8 track to make sure it was not my fig8 mod causing the problem. No mods loaded.

With noon weather map, both jumbotrons not working:

With sunrise weather map, jumbotron on the right not working:

With sunset weather map, jumbotron on the left not working:

If the sun shining on the jombotron, scrolling message works. If there any shade, no message seen. :(
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Well here goes, in addition to what other people have suggested:
  • Better implementation of workshop for mods, other games can just download mods/skins etc if needed with no need to restart the game, select a particular order of mods and not prevent people playing on the server. There surely has to be a better way of implementing it.
  • As an admin would like the option in the config as to whether we enable voting or not and if it is on be able to decide what can be voted on:
        Kick players, and/or
        Go to next track (if a rotation is set), and/or
        Select a track from the track list
  • Please make the admins impervious to being kick or banned  and moderators impervious to being banned if voting is allowed for this well.
         Add a bit more granularity to the access levels , would propose to have three:
              Admin - stay as it is
              Moderator - remove ban ability, leave with kick only, add ability to change tracks/options and add function to start timer when they ready up as per Admins
              Well not really sure what I'd call this category tbh lol but would just use it for anyone added to this list to start the timer when they ready up as per Admins
         Be good to be able to add the above via SteamID's in the config as per admins.
  • Please, please, please, please give us the option as to whether we display them or not.
  • Reserve slots, well not really reserved slots but in either the config or a separate file be able to set a list of players (SteamID's) who should always be able to get onto a server and if they try to join it will automatically kick any racers not on the list to make room. Admins and moderators should be automatically included in this list.
  • Sepctator slots, Be able to set a defined number of slots as spectator only ones, these would obviously take away from the maximum players able to race i.e. 24 slot server with 2 spectator slots would mean a maximum of 22 racers. This would be particularly useful for making videos and for commentating any events.
  • For dedicated servers with track rotations setup have a randomisation option so you just don't get used to the track order. Would envisage having an option to say it's random and number of tracks to have before one can be repeated, this of course would have to be less than the number of tracks in the rotation (I'm guessing the server doesn't calculate the number of tracks in the rotation??) which would also probably need to be set.


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Here's my Christmas list! Thanks for continuing to listen to feedback from the community.

Gameplay based:
-A mirror.
-A minimap.
-More adventurous environments.
-Different game modes, inspiration taken from Driven to Destruction would be great, Soccer, Red Rover etc.
-A racing game mode where crashing is incentivised. I feel like the player is punished too much for trying to crash in regular races, e.g a big crash on lap 1 at a big track can have you spending the rest of the race trying to catch up with the AI. Small 1/4 mile ovals could be an answer?

-More unconventional racing vehicles, old hearses, ambulances, limos etc.
-1930/40s Fords from the early days of Stock Car racing in the US/UK would be seriously cool.
-Identifiable cars that appeal to the everyday person, Minis, Beetles, 2CVs, Porsches, MPVs, 50s/60s Chevys/Caddys with big fins.
-More razzmatazz when you unlock new vehicles, rather than just showing it in a thumbnail. A cutscene or even a screen would make it feel more rewarding.

-Cars not deforming as much on the driver/roof area.
-Loading screens that match the track you're racing on.
-Slider/scroll bars for car and track selection for easier navigation.
-Car selection menu allowing for folders in the same way the track selection does.
-Being able to ensure that every AI car has a unique skin - was really surprised to read there was no solution to this.
-A profile manager for playing the vanilla game, or with mods (some file writing and swapping should be easy, right?).
-A visual catalogue of .scne files for modders to xref. A Google doc containing images of each .scne model, with corresponding file names.
-There's a seam on the tread of the prop_smalltire textures. It disrupts the tiling and slightly irritates me!

Aaaaand probably the least likely to happen of all: More replay options! Saving, rewinding, instant replay of the last 30 seconds etc.


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Firstly, enjoying the game a lot!

Here's a really simple thing that would be great in my book...

The AI names, I see that that they were editable in a file, then that was removed as it caused a crash if not enough names.

Playing the Career against some of the dodgy usernames is not great - would be much much better if could put some decent names in.
Such a simple thing, and if people edit the AI names file and don;t put in enough data, or invalid data - surely it's not tricky to default to the standard names?
Would be a big win for me - want to drive against the crash king "Sebastien Vettel"     ;)

Building on that, Flatout games had the the characters in the game which brought much character to the game, actual visualizations of characters to drive against
would be great.

On the racing, I like the idea of an option - lets say you have a event with quarter final, semi and final.
Any damage to the car obtained in first race should be carried through to the second race reflecting real banger racing events.
Maybe with option to do some limited repairs.

Losing a tyre/wheel would be good - but still be able to drive on but with spark's flying everywhere, scraping the tarmac and the inevitable effect on handling.

Great stuff though!

I like the idea of damage persisting, but just like in real world banger and derby events, give us an opportunity to repair (Or just automatically fix) 50% of the damage caused to the car. SO if the car is at 50% hp after heat 1, bring it back around 75% hp for heat 2, and same with the front and rear sectors of the car. They need to have at least some repair done so that they could last into the other rounds. This also gives those that have a nearly dead car, at least half a car to fight with in the feature so that it's not quite so lopsided if one guy finished with 75% hp and another guy finishes with 10%, they'll still end up within 25% of each other's final HP or so. IF you're going to do this, however, the derby should end with 4 cars left or whatever is going to advance instead of waiting until everyone but the last car has won. In real life, in derbying, the heat is over when they have enough cars running for the feature. it's only in the main event that they run it down to the last car. This gives the winners more of a car for the next heat.
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It would be really great if installed mod tracks could be enabled in fly without restart.

Currently it's bit too much hassle to play mods online.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Thanks everyone, keep it coming!
-Being able to ensure that every AI car has a unique skin - was really surprised to read there was no solution to this.

Unless there's a bug somewhere, the game will automatically use unique paint/livery parts for each AI car until all have been exhausted, after which same ones will be used.
-A profile manager for playing the vanilla game, or with mods (some file writing and swapping should be easy, right?).

As of now the launcher has an option to start the game with mods disabled, but maybe that's not what you were looking for?


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Steam achievements. That's something the game should've had at release. I mean that's the main replayability feature. Also Steam cloud and the driver being undeformable (maybe even animated like the one in the lawn mower and harvester).

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Thanks, good points.

A follow-up question to everyone: in your opinion, what is the most significant reason for people not player multiplayer, or not coming back to it? In other words, what in your opinion we could do to make people more interested in playing multiplayer? Some factors have already been mentioned in this thread and naturally we have some ideas of our own but I won't mention any just yet because it might affect the replies we get.