Author Topic: What's The Best Way to Get Rid of The "Tinfoil" Damage Model?  (Read 167 times)


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With the amazing possibilities with the Wreckfest damage model, it's still not capturing the "steel" feel. And also, at the end of real demolition derbies, you look around and you see small parts, rear ends of cars bent upwards, but, not the tiny, smashed, chunks of car, that only looks vaguely familiar. What are some good ways to change this?


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Make the damage model less linear would be a way. Maybe the easiest one?

Right now it feels like the cars have no rollcage/strengthening bars. The damage behaves like the entire car is one soft chunk of clay. No matter how deformed it takes no extra effort.  It just deforms the same way each time you hit it, just like clay.

If possible, it would be good if the initial damage to one of the damage sphere would come easy, but then gradually get harder and harder to move. Ramping up quite strongly.

That would make it closer to reality. When you'd hit the bodywork it would deflects easily, its just thin metal after all, no strength. But slowly you start to hit the steel reinforcements, which need a lot more to buckle. That way you'd see an outer layer that easily deforms but create an inner 'box' thats much harder to deform and you'd not end up with like you say, chunks of cars that no longer resemble a car. Just a rock on wheels.

Especially around the driver and engine, where the cage would be good and sturdy, deformation is much too easy. A good side impact and you're pretty much driving a banana. If it were reality, you'd be pretty much dead., squashed between the bars of your rolecage. That area should simply be much, much more sturdy and that would prevent 'rock' cars.
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Ok. I've gotten some results:
The best thing to do is modify the "settings.vsbd" file located in Wreckfest/data/vehicle/shared/deform. What you'll do there is simple:
Make sure the "Auto Generated Collision Shape" box is NOT TICKED. Now reduce the impact radius, not by a ton, reduce the "Deform Limit Normal" to around 2-3, and reduce the "Damage Map Tolerance". Quality Iteration, Stiffness Iteration, and Collision Stiffness also come into play. That seemed to help with the tinfoil effect, to some degree.