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Ok. The name was a little overdone. but anyways... I think there are a few gameplay related things that need to be added. This is what I'm getting at:

Right now, the vanilla game is using tinfoil for the cars. We need the cars to deform at a lesser rate, and, with an, as-the-car-gets-more-damaged-the-car-deforms-more, feel. Look at any real demolition derby video and you'll see what I mean.

Next thing, is the problem with the current smoke effects. There just too small. And, they don't move about while the car is moving, like in a real life scenario:

Ok. So what about stalls? This would really add realism, in a few ways: 1st. You couldn't tell (as well) if a car was out, or if it had just stalled. (Assuming HUD and AI names were turned off). 2nd. If you stalled, you might be more likely to not start next time that happens.

Sitting. What? Now, instead of a 'health amount', you'd have stalls (then sitting), some longer some shorter. So, what would happen when you're 'sitting' is, well you're (basically) out, and you'd either wait to keep going (remember the contact timer) or pull down your flag (maybe the "p", or "b" key? I dunno).

Hope these ideas are reasonable, and I mean, right now, it's still one of the best (if not THE best) demolition derby game out there. Keep up the good work!  :D

Rowdy Burns

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From what I've seen... American DD always looks slow and gentle in a confined arena on a slippy surface, so them big american cars would seem to take longer to deform.

This is how I believe the cars should be in Wreckfest....

More smoke would be good. The risk of stalling the engine after a big hit could be quite good with a random chance of getting it started quick again.

Health bars should go on realistic damage setting.


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What if they just rename the 2 race settings, normal and realistic, to American and European.  :P

But seriously, the Salmon Arm derby (video) isn’t the best example, firstly, because it’s in British Columbia, and second because they were doing more than 1 heat. So there wasn’t a huge incentive to fight to the death. And, the real difference between American and Euro is that in Euro banger races, the cars are lighter and they’re going very fast! Those crashes must have hurt! And, meanwhile, America’s derbies are, longer, and in many cases, you might drive the same car for a year or so. With some banger races, your car’ll be lucky to survive 3 races. But, simply, I don’t see any reason not to have both Mid-western derbies and European banger races.
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