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I think it time to start new thread now that we have final version of Wreckfest release. And you guys have had time to figure out what are good settings for your KB, pad or wheel and if you want use any assists or not.

I will start:

I'm using my new Thrustmaster TMX FF wheel, no clutch pedal ( old DFGT wheel was broken by grandnephew ), with 240 degree of rotation and no assists.  Had go to 100 Force Feedback with the TMX since FF on the weak side. Used only FF 70% with my DFGT wheel.

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I drive with a Logitech F310 gamepad, the game will see it as xbox 360, I just let it default everything. Set to driving extra hard- automatic- with stability on half. All my car setting are set to standard. screen shot:
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the steering saturation at 98% is due to it only turning to 96% of max, when saturation is at 100%
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