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Hello, maybe it will sound really weird or a bit silly. But, I`ve came here to say, that I and my colleagues had made an awesome Russian group about your insane and well made game.
The reason im writting this is: Since we have a group, we tried to create everything to make it proper to be an official one. We created rules to prevent spams, racism, swear language, unsociable people. About 3000 people have already signed in our group. And all of them bought your game, some of them pre-ordered the game. And most of them are asking: will it become an official group?
Dear, Bugbear, if you could give us an official status ,we would do our best to spread the love to your game.

If you are ready to, then write directly on this mail:  for the futher details.
Also here is a link to our group:  :)

Looking forward for your futher answer.                                           Sincerely your, Russian community.

My language isn`t good enough, i know, im trying to learn all the aspects of English  :'(
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