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Hey Everyone I wanted to first drop a plug on my twitch communities little 8 team clean racing league for Wreckfest.  We have a mild ruleset and we are having a blast running season 1 and using the 304 Rammer as our league car for season 1. We are in week 6 and its a tight race in the overall standings. We stream the races on my twitch channel each week and tonight we have Team Dangerous 4-1 vs Xforce 5-0 and it should be a barn burner.  If you wall want to come check it out and you think you might be interested in racing we do have some roster slots available.  You can check out my stream at  and be sure to join my discord  Tonights stream and Race starts at 9:30 est


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If our region was unemployeed to race in the AM I'd scrap together a solid OCE team with a 200+ ping - Novak, Raein, 3X Bulleit, NEMO HO3S AKA SKINNY LAMP, MERC31 + inactive racers - A Gumpy Wasp, Schmeval and GT_Lord with RotorRian as coach haha

Being OCE we will also take Hoppen back, kthanks #bestregionwithnoplayers

Merc and NEMO have bad internet, and we're all very time restricted, so for the moment we will try to steal the top 10 leaderboard times in A and B class. and good luck beating 3X's firefly in D class ;)

I enjoy watching the comp racing from you lot Sixx, just wanted to name drop so you know who is in my server on the regular  8)
Novak was taken, but I am the fast Novak