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I bought the game a few days ago. I've started with the career mode, unfortunately, the game crashes after about 1 minute ingame and closes itself. I have already tried it with the start options and delete the userdata file in steam. Today I tried to reinstall the game. highest graphics settings selected, I could finish a race until the game closed again by itself. Yesterday I tried to play the game with the lowest settings and it worked for some races but that can not be a solution. Maybe someone can help me with my problem? The notebook will not be too hot when playing. I have no problems with any other Games.

And sorry for my bad English!!! :)

My Notebook:

Asus GL502VSK 120Hz Gsync
I7 7700HQ
GTX 1070
16Gb Ram
250GB Samsung 960 Evo M.2 SSD
Xbox 360 Conroller
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Do you have any more info on when the game is crashing? Always at end of the race or just randomly?
Does it crash your entire laptop or just the application?
Is there any error message or generic windows app crash dialogue?

Do you have a hardware monitor installed to check hardware usage/temperatures?
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Thank you for your fast reply!

The game is Crashing after about 1 minute or after a race in a career mode. After the new installation I could even drive a race to the end and only then in the menu, the game hung up.

It only closes the game without error information.

The temperature is ok 75 degrees. I have checked the cpu load with HWMonior and the load is normal.

Have it installed on my
old desktop pc and it works fine. However, this can not be a solution for me!!!

I5 2500
GTX 970


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Problem is you have a notebook. Wreckfest still has issue picking the dedicated video card, instead of the onbroad graphic chip.

Most likely you need to create a profile for the game in the display adapter settings and make sure the profile is set to use the primary display adapter. If you're using NVIDIA Optimus, create a new profile in the NVIDIA Control Panel under 3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings for the game, and make sure that 'High-Performance NVIDIA processor' is selected as the preferred graphics processor in Program Settings. For AMD users, the process is pretty much the same. Furthermore, if your laptop has an on-board switch for selecting between Stamina and Speed modes, make sure that Speed is selected; the primary displayer adapter is available only in the Speed mode.

If want to see pics on how to setup game profile, go to my solutions thread, there posts with pics:,2574.45.html
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I know what you mean but i dont have the option in my nvidia control center to choose a graphics adapter like you can see on the pic!

The other thing is. If the Game would use the onboard chip it would not get me over 150 fps on mostly the highest settings?

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If you seeing 150 FPS, sound like Wreckfest using the 1070. Can verify this if right click Wreckfest in your Steam library, go Proprieties > General tab > launch options, then type:  -setup

Then start Wreckfest and should see this setup window pop-up and should be showing your 1070:

Another issue with laptops is energy saving program kicking in. Wreckfest need 100% power and use of CPU and GPU at all times. Also check see if there other programs running in background that could be stealing a lot of CPU cycles.  I won't even run Nivida program. I try to keep my gaming computer Win 10 running lean.

Here one other issue to check on that might be causing the problem, video card not running at proper speed. Give this thread a look:

Low fps, high end system? Check your GPUs PCI-e mode...

With my i7 8700 and 1060 6GB, I can max graphic settings, MSAA x4 using 1920x1080 resolution and get 70 FPS on gravel track and 100-150 FPS on most other tracks. Would think your computer could do about the same.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

i5 2500 i7 8700, 16GB, Nvidia 660 960 1060 6GB, Win 10 64bit, DFGT Wheel


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I found out why the game close all the time. I downvolt my cpu so my laptop is getting not to hot and no thermal throttling occurs.

After I have adjusted the value, it works now. :)

Thanks for your help. You have just brought me to it