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Janne Suur-Näkki

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Heya Wreckers,

As you might have already heard, we have some thrilling news to share with you!

Earlier this week, THQ Nordic announced that it had acquired Bugbear Entertainment, a game developer best known for FlatOut games, Ridge Racer Unbounded and of course Wreckfest. What that means is that our beloved studio is now owned by THQ Nordic, also the publisher of Wreckfest. While we will continue operating normally under our own name even after the acquisition, we thought this would be a good opportunity to explain the situation and give you a bit of insight info, so please read on.

All the way since THQ Nordic jumped in as a publisher for Wreckfest, we’ve had a marvellous and mutually beneficial relationship with them. We’ve also seen what they’re doing with their other studios and franchises, and we loved how much they clearly care about their games. We could easily see how Bugbear as a studio as well as our games such as Wreckfest would fit right in, so in many ways becoming part of the THQ Nordic’s stable of incredibly talented teams felt like a natural move for us.

Basically, what it boils down to is that as an indie developer with limited resources there’s only so much that you can do. We’re very proud of what we have achieved with Wreckfest so far and judging by the feedback we've been receiving from you folks you seem to agree, but in the future, we want to make even better and bigger games, not to mention reach larger audiences, and we believe being part of the THQ Nordic family will enable us to do just that. Yes – we look forward to building Wreckfest into a major racing franchise and a force to be reckoned with!

As a player, you will be the one reaping the benefits of our bigger muscles. THQ Nordic shares the same vision as we do on how to create unique action racing games, and needless to say our games will continue to have that special edgy nature that we’ve become known for.

Also, the development of Wreckfest will be accelerated on both PC and consoles, with new features and more content coming. Speaking of which, we have already dialled in some much-anticipated improvements – optimized multiplayer and single-player performance, new Quick Play functionality to join an online game with a single button press, Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion effect for improved visuals, new unique paint jobs, bonus targets not resetting when restarting a career event + much more, and that’s without even making a mention of the stream of new content that we have lined up for you: we have a number (you read that right, not just measly one or two) brand new vehicles in production as well as a number of new tracks, with a surprise or two thrown in for a good measure.

Stay tuned for more news about upcoming content and features, PC updates and of course an exciting first look into console gameplay soon. Godspeed everyone!


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The future looks glorious, then. Glad to hear that you have both the publisher support and the creative freedom to continue enhancing the game later down the line. I've already sunken 100 hours into the game, and it's not like I gonna stop metal-bending anytime in the near future. ;)

Just two technical questions:

1. As agreed with you Janne, I have produced a Hungarian translation for Wreckfest back at the end of the summer, and also sent it to you (along with a list of strings that cannot be translated at this time with BagEdit for various technical reasons). However, I never got a response on whether you received my translation files or not. Can I expect it to eventually appear in the PC and console versions with an upcoming update?

2. And regarding the update: Is there any way for me (and other potential volunteer community translators) to translate the new strings of the upcoming update(s) before pushing them out, so that I (we?) can make sure that all text is properly translated by the time the updates are shipped? Otherwise, each update would introduce some new strings or string changes that are not translated (something I experienced when you pushed out the August hotfix this year).


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It's a shame you guys had to sell your company but glad you get to keep doing what you're doing.
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It's a shame you guys had to sell your company but glad you get to keep doing what you're doing.
they've gone almost 20 years without being owned by a publisher. considering the fact that they weren't doing too well until THQNordic jumped on board, I'd say this is a good move.

I'm happy to say that I was with you guys since the very early days of Wreckfest when it was still called Next Car Game. I'm also happy to see you guys now have a new home with THQNordic (so far so good THQNordic, make good games and do right by the fans and you will last)
I found out about Bugbear through a friend who had a copy of FlatOut 2 for the PS2, I was INSTANTLY in love and hope THQNordic can buy the rights to Flatout so maybe you guys can work on both Wreckfest and Flatout.
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It's a shame the console version won't be out before Christmas, but at the same time there no competitors with Wreckfest currently or in the near future. So can polish and have the best possible console launch!

The Very End

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It will be very interesting to see how this unfolds. From what I gather out of the press releases the economical situation for Bugbear has now significantly improved, as well that it seems that THQ will give them the space and time to develop their baby further. Fingers crossed for a bright future :)


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It's great that you folks have some back up, but I have to ask, will the publishers have some creative control though? I hope they just let you guys keep doing what you do and not try to turn in into something else.
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All i see is we getting many improvements as well as new content...if that is a consequence of the new merger it's getting thumbs up from me...
As far as i can see this can only be a good thing,BB being able to develop without having to fear a lack of funding...


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I'm really excited for the new content and improvements.

And as I've said earlier; I hope THQ Nordic plays nicely in the coming years.
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I see the good only being short term. If even that.
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Just speculation of course but we shall see.


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Great Job Bugbear! wish you guys all the best with future game developments!

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Naturally a publisher, and even more so a parent company, will always have some creative control, there's no way around it because at the end they are the ones that are paying the bills and also bearing the risks. But that said, we've been already partnering with THQ Nordic for quite some time now and it's never felt like they're just saying you do this or that, or else bad things will happen. They do appreciate their games and the vision that the developers have, and our discussions have always been very open and good-spirited. As a developer it's also easy to get carried away since you look at your creation from so close, so getting feedback from someone who looks at your game from a broader perspective is helpful. It also helps us a lot that now we get to concentrate on what we do best, developing games, instead of worrying about the business side of things.

John, I will get back to you regarding the translation soon.

Forgot to mention that it really means us a lot to see so many of you old faces still around.


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Congrats again,hop in discord if you can at some point Janne. Quite a lot of questions in there, regarding some of the hinted suggestions in here.
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Rock ON Bugbear, I love this game so much, it is the best news that THQ will be your" gasoline gasoline "
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Congrats again,hop in discord if you can at some point Janne. Quite a lot of questions in there, regarding some of the hinted suggestions in here.
Sorry for offing this topic, but can you share with me the link of the Discord server? The one that I found via the Search menu has expired.