Author Topic: Should Wreckfest have Steam Cloud saves in the next PC update?  (Read 134 times)


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I started a new thread over at Steam forum to have a discussion about this:

When will Wreckfest get Steam Cloud saves working in game??

Quote from: Purple44
I still seeing weekly, either here or over at Bugbear forum some posts about a player losing all their progress and having to start over with no exp, credits or cars and lost their progress in career mode!!  :(

Seen posts from players saying they are now done with Wreckfest!!,11658.0.html
Hello ! What a surprise yesterday when I wanted to start an online game, it just magically came back to level 0. I was at 50 level with lot of money and cars. 127 hours of play in the trash !!! Has anyone had this kind of problem ? I m at the end of my life … Thank you for your help. Sylvain
Quote from: Huey
After a bad PC crash I lost my save file, is there any way to recover the lost progress or do I have to do everything over again? Thanks
Quote from: elevenfourteen
I wanted to start Wreckfest a few minutes ago and after entering the main menu I was just level 1 and literally everything I already played within my 14 hours is gone. Was lvl 31 and had quite a few cars unlocked and upgraded. I never changed any local files on my PC. The Steam cloud tells me, I have 0 usage of the cloud space. Why did this happen? Can I fix it?

Thank you...
Quote from: Kingbreaker;1761356057421886931
Well now it happens to me. Good to know for the next time.... Was nearly done in Career Mode.... Not really want to do it again... :(

Also how will this going be handled on the consoles? Will Bugbear be able stop save files from going bad?

Bugbear, THQ, will we see cloud save feature in the coming PC update?
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Of course it should.