Author Topic: Steering Wheel Mod Found for Flatout UC  (Read 2366 times)


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Phew, took a lot of research this day to find out.

The emulator I found can take any input devices and turn it into a 360 controller in game.

The link for the program is at...

It took my ages to find how to use it... so here is my steps...

1  Goto the download part of the above website link,
2  Download, the "" (This is for 32 bit games)
3  Download, the "" (This is to load your controller into the emulator)

4.1  Create a folder and name it, e.g. (Steering Wheel 32bit) drop in the contents of the downloads.
4.2  Run the "x360ce" Application to load in your controller, e.g. your wheel, here you can reassing buttons too, including pedals.  Then close the Application.

5.1 Find the folder where the .exe of the game will run, e.g. D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\FlatOut Ultimate Carnage
5.2 Copy the full contents of your created folder in 4.1 into the directory from 5.1

6  Now simply run the game and your controller should be working.