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Would be nice to have ability to control weather of upcoming race

Effects like: rain , snowing, fog, cold (causes black ice on wet asphalt).

Dynamic weather would not make much sense as races are short and probably would be much harder to make.

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I've always found that except for in extreme sims like Forza and GT dynamic weather really doesn't make sense. In those games at least you can have incredibly long races where slight changes in the weather could happen so I agree with you there.

I definitely would like to see as many day/night/weather options for all tracks. One thing that does tend to bother me in racing games is when one track has certain options and the next track has completely different options. I know developing night racing and weather isn't a simple task but at least for me I'd prefer less options but the same options across all tracks.


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I'm all for weather options, like a derby on a rainy day in the mud. The possibilities ...


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It would be a first to have a smash 'em up styled racer to have rain...i think.
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