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So a discussion on the repair mechanics started off in the below thread...,973.0.html

But its certainly something that deserves its own discussion so I figured I'd get one up.

I have quite a lot to say regarding the repairs but I'd also like to know what other people think.

Personally I'm hoping repairs play a huge part in the single player campaign, It seems like parts have individual damage levels and may possibly be able to be salvaged from cars to save which would be really cool.

I'm also hoping that visual damage stays on the car from race to race, although I'm pretty sceptical as this feature seems like it would be really hard to do due to the dynamic damage mechanics?

But if it did this would make the game for me, it happens in real life. You take a fresh car to a meeting and you can end up bringing home a wreck but its not always a write off, sometimes a few adjustments and it can see the track again.

That feature paired with the ability to scrap cars in for money back (or money off your next car if you buy cars from the scrap yard) would be amazing.

In terms of multiplayer I hope a lot of the features from SP remain, you could have a separate garage for online or even the same as SP it wouldn't matter.  Damage could build up through an online race day or playlist and you are responsible for the level or repairs you do between races. Do I repair it as much as I can, or just a few problem areas? Maybe even dare to not repair it at all and save some money.

The only other contact racing game I have played which has such a repair system is driven to destruction (TD:EOD), but I'm sure bugbear can deliver an even better experience.


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I'm very much against repair costs and don't like the idea of persistent damage.

These features definitely have a place in many types of games but I think it would be very out of place in an arcade basher. The whole idea with the crazy damage model and racing style BB is known for is to strongly encourage heavy contact. Worrying about how much damage I'm doing to my car would turn this into yet another "perfect racing line" game for me which isn't at all what I'm looking for. I DO think this could work for a completely separate game mode though.

Regarding persistent damage I don't think it's a BAD idea but it's still not something I'd like to see in the game. To me half the fun of seeing a mangled car is knowing that just a little while ago it was pristine.


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I support repairs, I think having to repair the cars in career mode will make the game more fun, and you couldn't use same car through the whole career because it would get unrepairable damage over time.  :)


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Interesting points,

I do think there should be some kind of visual feedback to the damage sustained in races that isn't just reset race after race.

I would also say that some level of the repairs should be free, in real life you wouldn't pay to use your own tools (Besides the initial fee to buy them of course but that's perhaps too much detail).

I also think that there should be a good balance in cash between repair costs and race rewards. Obviously repairs shouldn't cost or amount to a greater amount than you get for racing and their also needs to be money in your pocket left over for new upgrades and cars.

In regards to repair costs deterring people from contact I think the answer is simple, give out big money crash awards such as mad dog and most entertaining driver etc. these can stand both online and offline as they are always something extra to go for, Here in the UK we also have a prize for best wrecked car where the driver gets some cash and a trophy for impressive wrecks (this would obviously help keep those repair costs down whilst still have a very cool element present in the game)

Drawing on real life examples, it is more expensive to start racing than to continue racing. Once you buy your initial equipment such as roll cages, door plates etc a lot of it can be transferred to other cars without the need to spend money. Perhaps bugbear can implement this with their parts and upgrades?

On top of that drivers over here receive most of the money they spent back when they scrap the car in or sell the spares and unnecessary parts for cash. This feature has always been present in the flatout games in some way but more options such as money off your next car in the scrapyard would be cool.