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I have not read every post so I might have missed something.

But, if there will be any point, rank, reward system in multiplayer, don't let the host's be able to create servers where you get a ton of points but bad gameplay.

I don't know how this would happen in a car game, this is what happens in battlefield, so a game with points and custom servers scare me.

Jori Virtanen

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Yeah, trust me when I say that a working, and less stupid, multiplayer is in all our interests :)
We're avid gamers, all of us, so we know all too well how big an impact online code has, not to mention how much it sucks to see people exploit e.g. scoring system with privately hosted servers. We're trying to steer clear from all of those common pitfalls, but should we hit a bump, it's not the end of the race. Y'see, the thing that makes me worry waaaay less about the whole development process is that we have you all to help us out. As NCG gathers speed and struts towards the goal line, we have all y'all there with us, right in the front lines, pointing out problematic solutions and helping us come up with better ones.
It is a beautiful situation, knowing that we can get direct feedback from people who love what we do just as much as we do, and want the game to shine as bright as we do.
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Yes jori that game will be damn awesome ;)
And i love it to, to comunicate directly with the developers. I never had that before its special ;)
Ps: nice avatar :D looking funny
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Lari Fari

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Hear hear! The mustache has spoken! :D

Sounds great! I have to say its fun for us too! Cheers!
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That's another thing that I love about Bugbear, Not only do they develop awesome games, but they all have a great heart! always have an open ear for us Bugbear Fans!!!
Bugbear Entertainment has always rocked in my eyes!!!