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Video Description
This is what happens when you decide to mess with graphical enhancements outside the game's engine via your GPUs control panel.
This happened to me by accident in Flatout Ultimate Carnage because I forgot to reverse my settings I temporarily used for another game.

GPU = Radeon HD6770 (Using newest Catalyst 13.9 driver)

What was changed to make this happen....

What the game has adjustable but was changed in settings.
Custom Anti-Alias (x2) via Control Center
Custom Anisotropic Filtering (x16)

What was custom maybe perhaps not supported by Engine or simply not co-operating.
Surface Format Optimization = ON
Texture Filtering Quality = High Quality.


1080p still rendering.........


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This looks somehow... nice. A new kind of "transperency" where you can see just the details and the shape but nothing else. It might be annoying to drive it all the time, but i would not mind if you could turn this on in graphics options - without mods, of course.
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Playing Flatout online has made me hate people who can't speak English and shove their nationalities in your face.


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To be honest when having this my Fps at in game menus was about 27 instead of 60.


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You broke the depth testing, lol.

I remember doing something similar with FUEL. Only difference was that EVERYTHING was translucent, so all you could see was the skybox. Whoops.
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I still can't quite figure out what happened there... How would this effect be achieved, if someone (for some bizarre reason) wants to recreate it in their own custom engine?


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Unfortunately it is not that impressive to me. I love to actually see the full cars!