Author Topic: Improving time trial & lap record  (Read 767 times)


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In FO2 it annoys me a bit that I don't know my lap record. I wish I could see how much I missed it. I've played the game a lot and I make new lap records very rarely. After a tight lap, I would love to see how much I missed my record.

I wish I could see a ghost car of best lap in time trial. Also I like how in... what was the new racing game... anyway to quickly reset the lap and go back to starting point. Also I would like it if you stole the gameplay mode they have. Timetrial only.

Also as the games are more and more online these days it would be great to have lap records in hall of fame kind of thing. Maybe even to have ghost car to race against the top time. Ofcourse the rolling start is a problem but but... just a thought.