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I'm not talking about the make being bought, but only the license, the way Austin licenses belong to SAIC.

I don't know for Jowett though.


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Why should we worry more about the VW license in this case when the current 5 cars in NCG are very similar to the real ones?

Bugbear isn't facing any issues for having the Fiat look-a-like for example, all it's needed is to change some stuff and bam.

So for any future car on the game (hopefully the Beetle is included) we just have to make sure it has some differences and it's good to go, that's how most chinese companies tackled any copyright issues and they have tons of BMW look-a-likes.


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Please can we have something that looks a lot like a Beetle? It would make a big difference to me to have one, at the very least :)


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I'm still hoping for a Beetle lookalike. If it's not possible, I hope that people mod in one and make it look like a Jokki.
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Sorry about this ::bump:: But today I seen this kickass modified VW on the internet!

had to share  ;D


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If you roll it enough, the euro ends up looking like a beetle :P

He's dusted, busted and disgusted, but he's ok.
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*shudders* lol. Hey, if you want it in the game, and you wanna drive it, gopherit. Not my cup o' tea :p

Sorry for the bump hehe... but smashing the VW with the Ratpack mod installed is rather fun! also cool to see vans racing as well!


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what ever happened to that vw bus it just disappeared and we never saw it again?


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VW beetles are great! I'd love to see them in the game. There are a couple of problems though:

-in real life, VW beetles have very little crash resistance in the front (it's mostly empty space up there) and the engine hangs out behind the rear wheels. One good hit to the rear of the car, and the engine will be badly damaged. They work well as dune buggies and Baja racers, but  in full-contact racing... they wouldn't last very long.
Actually the vw beetle is one of the most popular cars in finnsih folkracing (the game is based on it)


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Are you make tha Banger Beetle?
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Are you make tha Banger Beetle?
No i am not a fan and they make rubbish bangers. But theres a model there that could be used if someone else wanted to do it.
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Not bad but there's not much more to expect from a Beetle.

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