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Hello, I write this message in Russian , because do not know much English and you can not understand me , please use the google translate

I really like flatout 2 , I played it back in the 2010th year, it's a very cool game , but at that time no one paid any attention to her .
I would like to wish you success , invest in advertising to all noticed this excellent game .
Important - that game has left the old roots , many large developers - such as EA did a great need for speed, but after the most wanted one , they began to make bad game because they forgot about the old traditions.
I'd like destruction , such as adrenaline , as in the old flatout
Arts and screenshots of the new flatout I loved , I hope that you will succeed . I would like to see researched multiplayer.
So thank you for the excellent series , the main thing - to do commercials and start up on the Internet, showing the essence of the game, nowadays everyone loves destruction , especially in races. And I would like tuning ..

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