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Just played the playable tech sneak peek and damn that was fun.
I was expecting good, but this was just awesome! This really shows the evolution of the FlatOut series!

Driving was very enjoyable. Handbrake turns, drifting etc.
Crash, damage and destruction is top quality. Pieces flying everywhere, realistically and staying!

But I must admit, I had to turn up the Effects Volume to feel the crashes. I like it when crash sounds are more kind of disturbing, without being out of context of what's happening physically on screen. Very cool that crashes far away sounds different with more depth!

Overall, I can wait to play the final version.
This is going to be IT, without any doubt!!!


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Loving the demo to pieces, the only thing I don't like is the delay, almost like a deadzone, on the throttle. You have to really stomp on the accelerator and wait for the engine to rev up before anything happens, and when it does, all the movement comes in one big lump as the tires start spinning immediately. Same thing happens in reverse almost if you let the car slow down to a stop by itself. Instead of a smooth deceleration it is like the brakes go on by themselves when the car is still going at 5-10km/h (pure guess as there's no speedo).

All in all, this makes moving the car small distances very jerky, hope it is something you can look at. :)
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Thanks for the feedback, it's already on our (pretty much endless...) things-to-look-into list.


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Thanks for the feedback, it's already on our (pretty much endless...) things-to-look-into list. A reply!

You'll get there. After seeing what you have been able to do with this tech demo alone, I don't think anyone here doubts that you will be able to make everything on your to-do list happen. :)
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Im very pleased with this sneak peak,

I do have a sugggestion though, if we could have the option change the targeting option in the sneak peak, so the cars would all go for me.

The main reason is I want to back up to the meat grider and yeahhhhh  ;D

another suggestion I would like is to see the xbox 360 controller set of keys when I load up the sneek peek and it detects that I have it plugged in.

Im enjoying the sneak peek anywho and look forward to the full game :)
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From the email:
Great news! We have just released a playable technology sneak peek for our pre-order customers, and it’s available for downloading RIGHT NOW.

The sneak peek is a pre-order exclusive for now, and it's not meant for public distribution.

You can download the technology sneak peek by visiting your order page:

So, we can post pics?
We can post video?
We just cant distribute the 'demo' ? Is this the only limitation?



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im compressing my 40 minute play session right now, i will only upload some of the cool monents i had and also make short clips to send to youtube channels like gamefails by rooster teeth, amazinggames247 or any other channel that post clips made by the community. hopefully this helps you guys out

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I'm having a slight problem, I get error 'cannot find d3dx9_42.dll'. Not sure why its happening or what I can do to fix it
I had the same problem with my parents computer when I wanted to just try how it runs on lower spec systems. Need to watch tomorrow (today...) if I can fix that.
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It's great, love seeing 24 cars smashing each other to pieces!

I know it's still at pre-alpha, but has the mechanical damage been implemented in the demo? I'm getting the impression that's it not because no matter what you do, the engine doesn't seem to die. Even when you're basically down to just a pair of wheels. :P
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I'm having a little problem...

The video settings don't detect my NVIDIA GTX 660M card and only shows an Intel HD card option. Any workarounds?
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Game looks great, drives great, has a steady frame rate, can't say any more was needed in a tech demo.

Tried it with a wheel but it just didn't work. Playing on keyboard now, and it is one of the best keyboard driving games I've driven. Also, the camera got a little wonky at times, but only in really awkward scenarios.

Also,  the damage to concrete and the wooden pillar things was another unexpected touch.

10/10, would pre-order again.


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anyone else disappointed by the crash sounds??


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lol i love how you can drive a car thats just totally destroyed


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To be honest, I didn't even notice the crash sounds, except once when they cut out entirely when the car was being run through the grinder :D Understandable, though-- that's a lot of crazy damage/hits happening at once!

I'm loving the demo so far. Thanks Bugbear! The handling feels fantastic when driving with a keyboard, just what I was hoping for. The cars have a real sense of weight, and when the damage is turned down (as it will no doubt have to be for the actual racing), the crashes will feel even more balanced. The cars look great, lots of debris and pieces (the destructable crates and pillars were a welcome surprise), great frame rate...awesome. 

I'm particularly pleased to see how the pivot points for doors, wheels, etc. can be moved so that a nose-heavy landing will actually bend the car in half and affect driving thereafter. That's the sort of thing that is missing from all other driving/derby games.

I do have a comment on the damage system: it might be a good idea for some components to be stiffer/more resistant than others; for instance, the roll cage and some suspension components should probably deform less so that the cockpit isn't completely crushed and the wheels don't end up floating in mid-air. The engine block probably shouldn't deform at all, if possible.

Great work, the game is going to be a blast!


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Thanks Bugbear is going to be a nice weekend! :3