Author Topic: didn't received access link  (Read 808 times)


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just preordered now via paypal, but I don't see a link from which I can download NCG


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This is what i'm worried about. How exactly do you obtain the sneak peak, and eventually the full game, once the pre-order has been placed? I don't like the idea of ordering things digitally, things can go wrong (code not received, code doesn't work etc.)

If it comes in an email, does it go to the email of the paypal account owner or do you put in your email after you've made the transaction?

Or is it simply a case of clicking pay now and being taken to a screen with a download link/code?

I really don't want to waste £22 on this, I know the game looks incredible already but if I don't get it i'll be... very sad.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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You will receive an email with a link that will take you to your download page.

In case you have ANY issue with your order like wrong email address, please don't hesitate to contact