Author Topic: ATI Radeon HD problems with sneak peek (fixed)  (Read 1213 times)


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I guess my graphics card has pretty much had it (ATI Radeon HD 4800 series), first it was fine for years, but lately it has had pretty bad overheating issues with high-end games.
NCG demo runs but looks like this.

I'm pretty sure it's just the card's fault, I had some issues earlier with Fallout New Vegas and later on other games. Damn thing is going to be changed next week  :(
I've heard other people have problems with this card too, I'd advice to avoid the 4800 series if you're planning to buy an old graphics card  ;)

EDIT: oh seems that "dynamic reflections" option was causing this, I also had the whole screen in white and couldn't see the cars before. Works fine now  :)
Maybe it's my 32-bit Windows XP that can't get all the new DirectX effects  :(
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Now you have a perfect excuse to upgrade! :D


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I am having a similar problem with everything in the game being white. My PC specs are a Ivybridge i5 3470, a 2G Amd Radeon 7870, and 8 Gigs of DDR3 Memory. I am running window 7. I tried messing with the graphics settings for several hours but nothing worked i even tried to the latest version of directX 11.1 and updating all my drivers but no luck.