Author Topic: Everythings white on r9 290  (Read 811 times)

Tried fiddling with all the settings and no matter what I do everything is white except the sky and the edges of any ramps bordering the sky. Everything leaves trails when turning the camera too.

I have a r9 290(running <60c with xtreme iii on 15% oc), 4670k, noctua nh-d14, Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H, 16gb gskill ripjaws 1866mhz, 128gb samsung 840 pro, 1tb wd blue, xfx 750w, corsair 500r

Fortunately, I have a gtx 660/3770 build that I gave to my brother and the game runs max settings at 1080p with reasonable lag spikes when 15 cars are crashing at the same time. Incredibly fun game, already worth the $25. Crashing the car down to the length of two tires and still being able to drive around is hilarious.


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I have never heard of any of these specs :S

R9 290 was just released 18 days ago so I'm not that surprised it's having issues. There was another post from someone with a 7870 with the same issues though so hopefully this will get addressed if it's across most amd cards.