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Hi forum! I'm always running a webradiostream (Bassdrive)
in the background when playing "FlatOut2" (2 years now).It
results in continues playback/without interuption,even when
the game menu is shown/at the end of a mission etc.

In the "FlatOut" game series the game soundtrack is mostly
guitar based music. That is perfectly good, but if one likes to
drive with equally pushing music of another genre ..FlatOut
had not much to offer for bassheads of other sorts  :D

Idea: An integrated webstreamplayer with editable stations
would be cool/another musicsource for a gamesoundtrack.
Playing "FlatOut" with ongoing music (stream) keeps you in
the gameplay differently/it flows.

Info for Bugbears: There might be gameplayers which do not
listen to build-in soundtracks, because they drive better with
their own music/driving better with a continues webradio. If
only the stations/the tracks would be shown somewhere in
the game, it would be perfect. (webradios can show titles).

Own example of webradio soundtrack+good engine sound 8)

Regards, ChrisBurn

ps: Bassdrive is a drum&bass DJ Mix station with a 12 year
history and covers artists (DJs) worldwide. Just the info etc.
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