Author Topic: Engine-sounds need low-end! broooom!  (Read 850 times)


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Hi forum, let's talk about the sound for the car engines. I've notized that the
engines sound of the (pre-order) playable demo has again bottom low end.
The current demo car engine sounds quite like these heavy "FlatOut2" pickup
trucks, which i personally find very enjoying since it adds flavor to the game.

So Bugbear: Please go on adding low-end to the NCG car engines, it's realy
needed. Coming from the Mac version of "FlatOut2", i've just now played the
PC follow-up "Ultimate Carnage". I'm sorry to say that all engines of "U. C."
sound high-frequent without bottom end and also have stereo widespread fx.
Using headphones becomes awful (in "U.C."), also i can't hear my own car.

The sound for the "Next Car Game" seems to be perfect, i'm happy about it.
Please keep an ear on bottom end without stereo effects for the final version!.

My videoexample of webradio-soundtrack+crusader-carsound (FlatOut2) 8)
(it's the maxed-out Crusader pickup truck which has that low-end brooom)

Regards, ChrisBurn
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I must agree that I did not like how overkill the wide stereo effects were on the engines in U.C. was drowning to listen to xD  The engines do sound pretty good right now in the tech demo, so yeah, keep it at!  No cheesy wide stereo effects please! xD