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Sounds good - and crashing into someone would also have its consequences so people would think twice.
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I'm glad someone also hadthis idea. This also extends the need for chassis stabilizers, like some steel pipes or something. Finally they would have an important role in the game.

Yeah more tuning! in everything like chassis homemade,amater made, pro made etc.
and if you wreck ur car it should take some money or time to get next race? if wreck little bit u get good car for next start if you break it in down u get shit car to next start :D it dependes u how/what u fix it!

Now there is lots of people who dont know how to drive so they are hitting ur car all the time. it should be good seperate derby and racing. small contact is ok maybe time/disqualification rule for that?  8)

i wanna see more spesific tuning that car games hasnt never seen! more like in kiihdytyspeli 1.6 :D legenda!
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I'd love to see a hard core mode like that described.  Hardcore modes tend to put off the younger, less patient and more erratic players leaving a satisfying experience for mature players. 


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+1 for hardcore mode, I only want to play like that way! :)
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Sorry to bump an old thread, but perhaps there should be extra cash for joining a no assist room or in single player seeing as you're more likely to wreck your car, right? They also have this in Forza. You can double your money per race from going from a lot of assists to nearly no assists.