Author Topic: Easy to make your own "custom" track or derby pit in Sneak Peek demo v2.0.  (Read 6507 times)


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I found an easy way to make a "custom" track in Sneak Peek v2.0 you can have fun with, using the object cannon.  Here my posts from the Bugbear chat box at the bottom of main page of forum, to set the stage:

Purple44 [10|Dec 05:23 AM]:   I think I will try this morning to see if I can make a custom track with the object cannon.
Purple44 [10|Dec 05:24 AM]:   To bad I can't save track, will be a one shot deal
Purple44 [10|Dec 07:49 AM]:   Hmmm, look like I hit the limit of objects in the game. Objects that were there, are now disappearing :O
Purple44 [10|Dec 07:59 AM]:   OHH NOO. screen gone black after I hit Fraps record key!! :((
Purple44 [10|Dec 08:00 AM]:   Was going to record me blasting a new track through all the "junk"!!!
Purple44 [10|Dec 08:11 AM]:   hey I got screen back after killing fraps :)
Purple44 [10|Dec 08:42 AM]:   I made it to the other side, blasting my way with the rocket, but car got smash a few times, good thing I can repair car or would not of made it to other side of map :P
Purple44 [10|Dec 08:56 AM]:   Now i got spend all day putting a video or 2 together!!

Today I thought I try my hand at making a custom track on the sneak peek playground using the object cannon. I did some scouting first to see if I could use anything on the playground in my track. Decide to route my track under the spider and through the spinner ( got it on video ). I use object cannon to drop sphere along the track route. Had to hit some spheres with my car to get sphere in the right spot.

I wanted to put  something long that would stretch across the track and rest atop the spheres. So I ended up grabbing a long roller from the car crusher. When I went to drop roller on top of spheres, roller was to heavy and scatter my spheres.

So started thinking what else I could do and started thinking about making a "junk" yard. Pile up bunch of objects and use the rockets to blast my way through. :)

You going have to wait on the video, but here some pics I took:

At first I went with a BIG object, the car crusher and place a few of them, then went to grab roller and then all the car crusher objects disappeared. So be warn, you only get to grab one extra object with your right mouse button. So decide wisely on what one object you want to use for your junk yard track.

So I decide to use the roller as my one extra object and use it to outline the boundaries:

Then it was time for some spheres:

Using Ctrl key instead of left mouse button, I got 2 spheres at a time with some smoke effect as I was dropping them with the sky cam:

Time for some wooden boxes:

Time for some more rollers: :)

OOPS, as I'm adding more rollers I notice the first rollers I put down for the boundaries are starting to disappear!!  :o  So keep that in mind, there is a limit on how many objects you can have on playground.

This what "junk" yard look like after I got done:

Here how it look from car level:

Here me about 2/3 the way to other side of "junk" yard. Car did get smash up a few times after blasting a roller and it lands on your car:

Track after I blasted my way through it:

So if you guys running out new things to do with the sneak peek playground, try your hand at making your own "junk" yard track. Pics don't show the fun of blasting your way through junk yard. I have video, but might not be uploaded until tomorrow.

I did have some troubles with Fraps. Twice screen went to black when I was recording. Closing Fraps got my screen back and I started Fraps again to do some more recording before black screen happen again.

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D: Impressive. Again, the though of what you may come up with once the full game is out scares me.


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Ok, I got my videos done today and uploaded to youtube. ( suggest set video quality to 720p )

First video is my first try at making a v2.0 Sneak Peek custom track using the object cannon. I use the spheres to line my track route.

My first try at making v2.0 Sneak Peek custom track

Second video is of custom "junk" yard track. I did disable the recording of sound because of Fraps black screening the sneak peek when I first started recording trying go through Junk yard. I did add some comments to video using youtube.

The making of v2 0 Sneak Peek custom Junk Yard track.
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John Burning

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Wow!!! That's awesome!!!
I'll try it! :)
Thanks for idea!

St. Jimmy

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OK I made my self a figure eight track :D

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Tried my hand at making a derby pit with the v2.0 Sneak Peek using object cannon.

First try I use the big red part of the car crusher to outline the derby pit. I started the playground and let the AI come in a little closer, then hit Esc and disable the AI cars. then I circle the cars. This derby pit felt to big.

Second try I let the AI cars come closer, then disable them, then use my car to push AI into a tighter circle. This time I tried using the car crusher long roller to outline derby pit, but rollers sometimes rolled into the cars. I tried 3 times to make derby pit with rollers, after screwing up the third time, I went with a shorter car crusher roller.

Problem with this derby pit, AI cars were getting stuck in the holes some the rollers made. And most the AI ending up resetting outside derby pit eventually. :(

Third try I did not push the AI cars as far in as In did on second derby pit. This time I use the end of a spinner for object cannon. This object gave me better control in dropping them. But had to put a lot more objects to encircle the pit. AI cars not getting stuck as much with the spinner object, but AI still resetting out side of derby arena.  Lot of work to do a short live derby and "repair all" option only repairs your car, not the AI.

Maybe have some video uploaded later today.

Sneak peek not design to do derbys, but had to give it a try and see if it was possible to have a good derby with the AI in close quarters.  :P

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Got my derby pit video uploaded today:

v2.0 Sneak Peek derby pits using object cannon.
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I decide to do one more derby pit. This time I just push about a 1/3 the AI cars towards middle of derby pit. The other 2/3 AI cars I left alone. These cars should reset inside of derby pit this time.

Here video of new derby pit:

v2.0 Sneak Peek derby pit, part 2.

For a close up of car damage, you can jump ahead to 21:55.


If Sneak Peek playground is release with final release version of NCG  :), I hope Bugbear will also include a Sneak Peek derby pit with all 24 cars inside it, with the physics of the playground demo. And include the object cannon with rockets.
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Ha haa! Great screenshots guys.
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Oh man, it looks like so much fun ! Well done mate, well done.  :)

I like the figure 8 track St Jimmy, reminds me some cool DiRT tracks ^^