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Guys, about a week ago I bought flatout UC on steam and have installed it via steam. On startup, the game does its first time launch sh*t and then displays the graphics menu. I click okay, and then a black screen, shortly after an error message saying: Live initialization failed. I have installed GFWL and it will not connect to the internet (as usual). I then resorted to getting a crack for the game but that failed and gave me the same error. Will someone help me as I love this game and want it working!  :)


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You need to download this thing:

IIRC this was a problem for me as well. Steam says it's installing GFWL but it doesn't work, you have to install that "marketplace" thing on your computer too for it to work. After that it should work fine! :)


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thank god their removing GFWL
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And I couldn't hit 60 fps on ultra D:


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thank god their removing GFWL

I wouldn't get too excited. Chances are they'll replace it with something just as bad, plus you'll still have to use it for old games...

Is there a chance that BugBear could update Flatout UC to remove the GFWL requirement? It has to be affecting the sales as well.