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A way to add some replay value would be for the player to set up events where half the field go one way, while the other half go the other way. There could be pre-set specifications, but I believe the easiest way to do this would be to show a field and allow players to dictate which vehicles go the other direction, preventing players from setting up events where the field go head-first into one another for races. Possible configurations with the limitation of no two vehicles colliding into each other at start would be left-half only, right-half only, full grid (Reverse track for all cars) and top/bottom half

For bowl derbies, the reverse direction would become start from inside, whereby instead of all vehicles meeting in the middle, some vehicles may start in the middle, which would be a good test of how well you can prevent yourself being collided into initially, or at least shake up how the derby plays out by not having all the cars start from the outside.

This prevents developers from having to add reverse direction of every map, and some challenges by the developers could be to reverse direction for only you, starting in last or first, team derby racing where players on opposing teams drive in opposite directions and meet somewhere in the middle, or survival derby where you are placed on the inside while everyone else circles around you.