Author Topic: GameRanger 2-player LAN match -- Truck v. Rocket  (Read 1406 times)


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I remember a time in FlatOut 2 when I went up against somebody in a truck. An opponent picked the vehicle after I selected the Rocket car, because he thought it was going to be an easy match. An easy match it was indeed -- For me. He assumed I was going to be slow and dumb with the car, unable to best his big truck, but like a piranha to a whale, I kept turning around and nipping at his butt. I had the speed for it, to accelerate away, turn around and smash him at the back or side, and of course, I was not cheating. But I am sure the other player was thinking otherwise.

After so long, what should have been a quick match with me the spoils, became me as the victor. It was a fantastic example of speed versus power, and speed always wins, hands-down.