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Fred name came up in another thread and got me looking  for the chat box chat we had about Flatout 2 and the v1.2 patch and UC ( found txt file on old 3rd computer, a P4 ). I copy the text out of Flatout Joint's text chat box and pasted text into notepad. Need to start at bottom and read your way back up to the top:

# Muratus : WOO HOO
# Muratus : ok, night. Fred thanks for the info
# fredizzimo : my wife is telling me to come to bed every other minute - razz
# OgreToe : thanks again Fred
# Muratus : how many are actual on the patch team at BB
# fredizzimo : I have to go too
# fredizzimo : Good night
# fredizzimo : if we ever release 1.3
# fredizzimo : I wonder if it will take over a month again
# Pavcules : Goodnight Fred...and the rest....thanks for taking your time in replying to our questions.
# Muratus : lol, finaly? I've been whooping you for months now Pav. LMAO
# fredizzimo : 1.2 should still lag a bit more with poorer connections, but not very much
# Pavcules : At least its an improvement...probably worth seeing when the US and Euro players finally play with each other.
# fredizzimo : 1.0 usually only for people with poor connections
# fredizzimo : so 1.1 could lag for anyone
# fredizzimo : and the unpatched game did not detect it at all
# Pavcules : Probably worth posting that in the FO2 forum...see what people say.
# fredizzimo : The 1.1 patch was really buggy when detecting the available bandwidth
# Pavcules : I don't see much lag now-a-days....a lot of people do have decent connections.
# fredizzimo : but how is the lag?
# fredizzimo : I haven't really had time to play it myself
# fredizzimo : BTW, a question about the patch.
# Muratus : bug fixes, don't usualy fill that "what's in for me" attitude that most gamers seem to have.
# fredizzimo : Yes, that could maybe work
# Pavcules : Could you try filling all the rooms (all 100) with the message to download the patch....thus it will block people in there.
# Muratus : I bet if you were to add something major to the patch. (which I know you can't at this time), people would be more likely to get it. For example if you would have added an additional track in the patch people would have been all over it.
# Pavcules : The other problem Fred...not everyone understands English.
# fredizzimo : of course it would also be possible to join all games and tell them
# Muratus : patches kinda fall into the same catagory as mods. And our long struggle of how to get the word out, and prove it's better. So people will use it.
# OgreToe : - cry
# fredizzimo : but no one seemed to care
# fredizzimo : I already had a special game that tells that "Patch 1.2 is out!"
# OgreToe : like "new patch available"
# Muratus : Most of the dedicated players HATE having to have the cd/dvd in the computer all the time. Plus easier to find common races with both sides of the alantic
# Pavcules : Is there no tricks you can do?
# OgreToe : - cry
# fredizzimo : or some special game that triggers a message
# fredizzimo : and display ingame
# Muratus : Well, I really beleive that it's cause most Euro players that I know ( that did buy the game) are still using the US version mod, with the NO CD exe.
# fredizzimo : to be able to either read a message from some webpage
# fredizzimo : it would maybe have been possible with some forward planning
# Pavcules : that leads to problems Fred....we will have dozens of people playing on different versions
# fredizzimo : No, we cannot block
# fredizzimo : but that's still only a fraction of the american or cracked version
# Muratus : lmao, that doesn't surpise me. Most players don't go to the games forums or sites.
# Pavcules : I guess there was no way blocking the gamespy servers for people on the older versions?
# fredizzimo : than the patched one
# fredizzimo : there's still more people playing the original european version
# fredizzimo : BTW, I just checked the patch statistics
# fredizzimo : I'm not sure
# Pavcules : nothing for the PC or XBOX?
# Pavcules : Thanks bud...why don't you spill all my world domination plans out. will never make lieutenant now!
# fredizzimo : without online
# fredizzimo : I think it's only PS2 though
# Muratus : Pav's planning his world DD domination. He's tracking the countries that he can concor
# fredizzimo : Not yet
# Pavcules : Has FO2 been released in the Asian markets?
# fredizzimo : Well there's languge differences, but those are not included in the patch
# Pavcules : In terms of contents the russian and euro patch are the same?

# Muratus : we could do a booby shotting mod for FO2
# Muratus : lmao
# Pavcules : Man...i've got 10 women coming now Smile
# Pavcules : If you shoot a win her for life.
# crucify : lol
# Muratus : I want to find out what that Booby shooting game is. I keep seeing a banner ad for on the top of the russian site
# OgreToe : Thanks Fred
# Pavcules : I think that's enough questions for Fred....I would like to thank you for spending time answering them.
# Pavcules : roflmao
# Muratus : maybe if I poored some vodka on my computer, the installer would think my computer is russain.
# crucify : hehe, gives a error or something else Muratus?
# Muratus : I did, but it won't install
# Pavcules : you can try....but if the KGB arrest you...don't blame us Smile
# crucify : anyone tried to run this RU patch on a USA version yet?
# fredizzimo : as there's other special things in the code too
# fredizzimo : In the case of starforce we applied the copy protection ourselves though
# Pavcules : ok..ty
# Pavcules : and they attach the appropriate protection to it?
# fredizzimo : and they apply the copy protection
# fredizzimo : Empire sends it further

# redizzimo : so there was much delays there too
# crucify : is RU version Starforced?
# fredizzimo : and that thread posted at 12th
# Pavcules : well not 100% perfect...but readable
# fredizzimo : the readme in the patch is dated 4th october
# fredizzimo : hm..
# crucify : thats much better:)
# Pavcules : that link is an online translation
# Muratus : I lost that link for the translation of the site. But it doesn't say a whole lot
# Pavcules : ok...try this: «link»
# fredizzimo : Well, I can't read it either, eventhough russia is our neighbour country
# crucify : yeh, funny when you look at a language like this. Makes ya think who ever came up with that.
# Pavcules : time to get the russian to english dictonary:D
# crucify : wish i could read all this jibberish.
# fredizzimo : and why it's not on the website
# fredizzimo : I'm not sure why they consider the patch beta though
# fredizzimo : «link»
# Pavcules : take a look here: «link»

# crucify : got a link for the RU patch?
# Muratus : that's what I was wanting to poke around with
# fredizzimo : the actual unprotected files are the same for the US and the Russian patch
# Muratus : I just wanted to play with it. But can't even get it out of the installer.
# Pavcules : KGB version - razz
# fredizzimo : but if it's the same protection, then you could actually get it to work
# fredizzimo : I'm not sure what protection that russian patch uses
# Muratus : I think my cusin's aunts nephew's sisters brother is 1/4th russian does that count. LMAO
# Pavcules : its a bit rare to have developers play against the players....just would be fun for a change. - wink

# fredizzimo : maybe such a game session can be made
# Pavcules : you are not a russian bud razz
# Muratus : probably why the russian patch installer won't work for me
# Muratus : but since the patch is an installer. I bet that means I have to put the FO2 registry enteries back. eeerrrr
# OgreToe : sorry and thanks - i came late
# Pavcules : far as we know...its nearly done...the installer has been written....its up to VU Games to release it.
# Muratus : FOJ vs the BB Crew
# Muratus : that would be run though
# OgreToe : not privacy - piracy
# Heddly : when the patch comes out will there be more online players?
# Muratus : lol, Pav thinks he is the greatest DD player.
# OgreToe : is it privacy or technical issuea that are holding up the patch for US?
# Pavcules : fred...any chance we could have a developers versus players game session one day?
# Muratus : back
# Muratus : You guys are pretty fun to BS with.
# Muratus : I know, just thought it would be cool to have ya all here at once.
# fredizzimo : They would not tell anything either
# Muratus : now all we need is to get Spikey and Mikko in the BS box with fred. They both have accounts here.
# Muratus : lol, he likes that.
# Pavcules : you are so mysterious sometimes fred - wink
# fredizzimo : I cannot tell you what we will have or not - razz
# Heddly : the shower would be nice. grin
# crucify : lmao
# Pavcules : Stick your PC out of the window when it rains..problem solved. razz
# Muratus : A slippery track is easy, but falling rain would probably be tough.
# Muratus : Now rain would be cool. I wonder if there is a way to pull that off for us.
# Pavcules : you got snow in there?
# fredizzimo : when things were not adjusted
# fredizzimo : hah, you should have seen the reflections in the 360 version
# Pavcules : I didn't play it long...I got blinded from the track...the reflection of light from the snow was way too
# fredizzimo : yes, thanks I got it - Smile
# Muratus : Ok, I pm'ed you fred.

# Muratus : yea, The V2 mod will have a snow option for all tracks, also night, and reverse options
# crucify : thats good to know, cars going to feel like they are on ice Pav?
# Pavcules : In terms of Ice Tracks, its planned in the V2 mod...the snow settings where left in the game.
# fredizzimo : no, the FlatOut 1 and FlatOut 2 tracks are quite different
# fredizzimo : yes, it will if we release the 1.3 patch
# crucify : is there anyway we can import the FO1 tracks into FO2, hard or easy? Many people miss the Ice tracks.
# Pavcules :, that would be in the 1.3 patch then?
# fredizzimo : especially in special cases where there are disconnects at the same time as joins
# fredizzimo : that would make the game quite a bit more stable
# fredizzimo : Actually I did some fixes a few days after the Europe patch was out
# Pavcules : Not being negative Fred....but it seems way too long to make the installer...I wonder what they have been doing there...very odd.
# fredizzimo : they finally had their installer done
# Muratus : Empire seems way to constrictive. It seems odd to me that they are like that. I figured they would want everything possible in the game to make more cash. lol
# Pavcules : Understood....I guess that the 1.2 patch will probably the last patch...unless there is a huge amount of issues.
# fredizzimo : But according to them everything was all right when I spoke to them on thursday
# fredizzimo : No, and I don't like to bother Empire with questions about the patch many times per week - sad
# Pavcules : Feedback for the upcoming

# fredizzimo : We are planning another game, but I can't tell what it is yet
# fredizzimo : and we never used them internally
# fredizzimo : The IO commands were probably dropped because we moved to a newer version of lua
# Pavcules : I guess its too early to say...and I guess you can't say it yet....but is there FlatOut 3 planned?
# Muratus : I know. What happened to the LUA IO commands in FO2. They sure were handy in FO1.
# fredizzimo : ok
# Muratus : it probably helps not having all them extra poly's in the track models.
# Pavcules : Muratus will Private Message you with things Fred.
# Pavcules : its a shame really...because the city tracks would have been nice to cruise through
# fredizzimo : At least 3 times less time spent on each track, so something has to be left out
# fredizzimo : and the track team did the FlatOut 2 tracks much,  much faster than the FlatOut 1 tracks
# Pavcules : Is BugBear planning to develop new car games?
# fredizzimo : Team games were planned, but actually dropped even before anything was done
# Pavcules : Complete in terms of driving anywhere.
# Muratus : I got an Idea. Can you guys send a list of all idea's that were dropped, and the almost complete files. We'll finish them up for ya. lmao
# Pavcules : was their any plans for team games?  and why were most of the tracks not complete like in FO1?
# fredizzimo : Empire liked to drop out nearly completed things..
# fredizzimo : haha they were dropped out, like many other things
# fredizzimo : Almost all understeeer that you get is because of limited steering
# Pavcules : What happened to the new games modes that were developed?  Baku was able to make them appear, but they don't work very well.
# fredizzimo : Yes, the track friction is way too high
# Muratus : Seems the tracks friction is much higher as they are really slow to start, and roll over in the corners.
# Pavcules : some minor differences.
# fredizzimo : and also when crashing into AI cars
# Muratus : But I converted all the FO1 cars and added them in addition to the FO2 cars. I tried to use the FO1 equipment settings. But they really sucked.
# fredizzimo : but there's extra forces when crashing into objects
# Pavcules : Unless their is a bug in FO2, but objects hang alot more in the air than they did in FO1.
# fredizzimo : The car handling physics engine is the same
# Pavcules : talking about physics...there seems to be a difference between FO2 and FO1.
# fredizzimo : due to physics differences for example
# fredizzimo : practically probably not
# fredizzimo : Technically yes
# Pavcules : so that means PC and XBOX 360 players can play together?
# fredizzimo : But the PC will soon be there, as windows live is comming very soon
# Pavcules : Will BugBear be developing using Microsoft XNA in the future?
# fredizzimo : Also in terms of network, xbox live beats everything without questions
# fredizzimo : The PS3 is technically interesting, but the tools and documentation is lacking
# Pavcules : Or easiness?
# Pavcules : It terms of power?
# fredizzimo : Hehe, xbox 360 is by far the best
# Muratus : of course, MP is Baku's department. I'm sure he'd be really happy about that addition
# Pavcules : *develop for?
# Pavcules : Development question.... what is the most interesting platform to develop on?
# Muratus : I'll forward it to ya Pav.
# Pavcules : Next question, regarding the 1.2 patch...can you Private Message

# fredizzimo : there will be other games after that
# fredizzimo : No, it's our first step towards the new consoles
# Pavcules : so its basically an experiment to see how well FO2 runs on the 360?
# fredizzimo : I cannot really tell more at this point
# fredizzimo : changes
# fredizzimo : There will be a few new things, but mostly graphical changeg
# Pavcules : Can you say what the differences are, or is it just a port of FO2 into the 360?
# Muratus : what's the differance? has anything been added?
# fredizzimo : I think so. Unless something else is decided later
# Pavcules : Is the Flatout Carnage game only for the XBOX 360?
# fredizzimo : heh ok
# Muratus : lmao
# Pavcules : right here is question 1 or 10000000 - Smile
# fredizzimo : I'm free to talk now - Smile
# Muratus : WOO HOO, very nice addition Fred.
# Pavcules : Can we talk about things about FlatOut...or you are not bothered right now?
# Pavcules : hehe
# fredizzimo : no still in Finland - razz
# fredizzimo : I answered your PM muratus
# Pavcules : in Sweden? - razz
# Pavcules : hi fred..finally - Smile
# Muratus : hey Fred. I was wondering if you were just hidding out
# fredizzimo : hi
# Pavcules : Depends where its brewed - razz
# Muratus : isn't that close enough
# Muratus : I like Vodka
# Pavcules : You ain't russian mur - razz
# Muratus : Inno installer. he he. But it won't work for me
# Muratus : lol, yea. what's up with the russian patch installer.
# Pavcules : hi fred...come on in and have a chat.  - wink
# reaper935 : good day all
# pilau : hi everyone! have a good night!
# Cornkid : Hi Mur, Hi Fred
# abhik262 : grin grin
# Muratus : cool, Heddly
# Heddly : hi mur.i got my chrome looking good thanks to your alpha layer tip. - Smile
# shadow : mornin pav and heddly
# Heddly : good morning everybody - Smile
# Pavcules : hi fred!
# shadow : Hi gul  grin
# shadow : enjoy work - Smile
# Feral Wolf : off to work, have fun ppl

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Nice to read some historical stuff. thanks for posting.
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Interesting to hear the reasons for the limited steering in FO2. 

Thank you for sharing!