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I race a lot of Sim Racers like iRacing and Assetto Corsa. My Settings on my G27 are a little different but for the most part they are identical. The settings in game do not offer much as for control input.

I would love to see Clutch and Shifting inputs, but I can live with the paddles shifting.

The big thing is I feel like I am not getting a good turn radius there was times when I felt with the speed I was going I should have been able to turn.

Maybe it is just that I am not use to arcade sims, I really love this game, it has SO much potential. It is one of those relaxing sims that is just for fun.


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You're doing well, I can't use my T500 at all lol.


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Thanks lol, I feel like I am doing horrible. in the video at 2m29s I felt I should have had more turn.

Maybe it is damage. O_O

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Im a newb.


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Ya damaging the front end can effect the steering of car. Have you tried practice track to see if car steer better without any damage?

What rotation you have G27 set for? I use 243 with my DFGT wheel to match what my old MOMO wheels use. And I take it you racing with all assists OFF? I know some players use 180-200 rotation for GRID, but that to sensitive for me.
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