Author Topic: READ FIRST: BUG REPORTING  (Read 6840 times)

Janne Suur-Näkki

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This is the dedicated forum section for reporting bugs found in the Early Access game.

Please use a well-defined subject for your post, and when reporting, follow this template:

A short, concise title for the bug report.

Please describe what happens, when it does and how to possibly reproduce the issue. Please try and give as much as information as possible, and try to approximate the frequency of the issue (i.e. if it happens every time, frequently, and so on). Also please do mention in case you have specific hardware that you suspect may play a part. In general, please give any details that you can mention can help us in tracking down the bug.

A screenshot or even a video is always helpful to us especially in regards to more obscure issues.

To get you up to speed quickly, you can copy/paste the template to your post from below:

Code: [Select]



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