How would you rate our graphics in the Early Access?

One star * (Very bad)
1 (0.2%)
Two stars ** (Bad)
2 (0.3%)
Three stars *** (Mediocre)
53 (8.7%)
Four stars **** (Great)
343 (56.3%)
Five stars ***** (Excellent)
210 (34.5%)

Total Members Voted: 604

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5 stars. This game on a high end machine is stunning and even on an old 870m laptop it looks very nice (frame rate different story).
The 4k textures are amazing. For me one of the shining graphical aspects of this game is the skies, man they are bright, crisp and hi rez.
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I rated 5 as it's awesome. :D I've always wanted a racing game depicting rural American racing scene in look and feel and it's been nailed down perfectly.
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