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 Hello all fans of the series (Flatout ). In 2010 we created the project (site) FO2- online   for Flatout 2 fans.  Small fan - site for those who have played(Gamespy) before and now plays(Tunngle-Game Ranger).
This is not only a forum, we have a table of records Flatout 2, project World Flatout 2 and other...

All you know is that you can not create a nickname  for Fo2 more than six letters :(
We solved this problem

If you play in Flatout are welcome :)
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If you love racing and records. This project is for you. :o
Best scores table for the Flatout 2. 8)
All tracks, all cars, any nitro!!!
66! people have records in the table.
If you have records as screenshots or vid  on youtube, add to the table pls.

Just check it!! ;D
Add records -
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Skins for Road King ;D

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We love tournaments...
To calculate the results of tournaments has created a project (Auto Tournaments) to automatically add records to a table and automatic calculation of results.
Registration and entry into the tournament not on forum threads and on a special page of the tournament.
Automatic calculation of all stages and results of the tournament.
Displays complete statistics on the tournament: who, where and how many points received for the lap time, and how much in total scored for the races.
Automatically add all the records in a table
Profitability Analysis tournaments in calculating the ranking, which is now calculated only on the basis of records, making more objective rating.
Profitability Analysis tournaments in calculating the ranking.
Tnx Google translate))

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Some skins

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There are cheaters in your 'record' lists.

Sorry, but those lists are useless if you dont delete cheaters.


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World Flatout2  a unique project to collect information on all that is happening in the game and beyond. Check it pls.
You can add video or screenshot!

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Hey Asido, Less posting more racing ;) Are you in Tunngle nowdays because i have not seen you in GR :l
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New skins on site!
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Ya that a good skin for online racing.  :D
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Hello :) How we can replace openspy by something another service? Openspy is down.... Please help find solution