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I would like to greet all of you, first of all, and thank you for sharing some of your time to review my matter.

Now let me get straight to the business. I am trying to play FlatOut 2 with steerling wheel - genius Speed Wheel Force Feedback.
It was perfectly recognised by game, but there is one single issue I got with it - game fails to recognise the neutral position of steerling wheel as neutral. When I keep the wheel steady - car drives to it's right. In order to drive straight I am forced to hold the wheel 20-30° to the left.

At first I decided that it is my hardware issues, but then I tested the wheel in other games - it works fine enough there. Also, I do not have this issue with FlatOut while using the keyboard as a matter of controling the vehicle.

Any help would be welcome, thanks for your attention.
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