Author Topic: Is it just me who would like a volvo in the game?  (Read 10784 times)


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The 240 Estate would be awesome.

Seconding this.

Also, how about one of these

mixed with a Volvo wagon?


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We need some volvo wagons in the game!  :D I'm from Sweden and like Volvo, but there are almost no car game with volvo's in, I was thinking that this is after all a game for volvo!  ;) :D
You have to check out this
volvo the game is not fun :P

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Yes please, bring many models of the Volvo to the game
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Yes please, bring many models of the Volvo to the game

Volvo - worlds fastest tractor!
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If it's used in real world Folkrace then why not?  :))
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Some old Volvos would suit the game well there is the Euro car in the alpha.
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Yes I want Volvo!
Those long ones with the big heck, the mass of those would make some delicious destruction and mud grinding


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I would like to see an estate just because it's my preferred shape.

Saying that, I'd also like to see something along the lines of an Amazon too. :D
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I can agree on this one!

Since the game already contains the Saab V4 "look-a-like" why not a Volvo 140/240/740 or an Amazon.
I would also like to see an Saab 99 or Saab 900.

It would be the the ultimate Saab VS Volvo battle ;D
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The car that  they raced in the 80s or 90s would be phenomenal. But it should be a sedan, not a wagon. I just think the sedan looks better
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I want Vulva in this game. Wagon version would be cool but two different version would be the best  :P
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My friend used to have rusty '71 Volvo 145 wagon, that would've been something I could imagine finding from in-game newspaper ad. Newer 200 series would be great choice too, and why not make both station wagon and sedan? With little extra work they could be both done.


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That Volvo would actually fit the game very well!  :o
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Give us Volvo Station Wagon and a Volvo 740 T5 as european variant of the American Muscle, high powered 16v Turbo ftw

Call it Valvo, Vulva, Vovvo or something, and merge the esthetic of the car with BMW 5-series... but let it look like a Volvo as much as possible  :)
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The Volvo 142 S (two-door) from 60's-70's would be perfect for the EU class.

Those crossed tape over headlights is kind a cool  8)
It's a kind of rule. You have to crosstape all the headlights. Same car is also often used in different kind of races like Rally, Rally sprint etc. That's why those are not removed. If you remove headlights it is illegal becouse those are in classification certificate. Rule is for safety. Glass will not broke to peaces so easily.
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