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First of amazing game spent endless hours on it so far.
I would love to see a banger caravan sort of cat and mouse game mode where u have teams of 2, one car with a caravan on the back and the other car having to choose either attack the other caravans to win or defend like mad to survive the race. I think that will provide endless hours of fun.

Flatout and this has been the closest stock car/banger racing game I've ever played and I thank you so much for that!
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I love this idea to pieces, although sadly I think it might be a bit too silly / too much work to put into the game.

The idea of having a large, destructible box swaying around behind your car sounds brilliant and it would really make use of the destruction engine we already have. The game mode you put forward does sound interesting but I would be happy with a simple race involving them.

Looking into it more, in this... video they state that the only rules are simply to "Finish towing something behind your car."

The more I think about it the more I want this to be in the game.