Author Topic: Graphic Glitch and Crash ati3duag.dll at exit game  (Read 2091 times)


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Graphic Glitch and Crash ati3duag.dll at exit game

When I open the game:
  -windowed or Fullscreen
  -Max anisotrpy or min Anisotropy
  -No samples or samples 2 4 8
  -Reso 4:3 or 16:9
  -640x480 or 1280x720,etc
  The game start well, but when show titlle screen (PRESS START) only shows a White Background and the "PRESS START" look like yellow squares. If I press ENTER 3/4/5 times it moves in the menues (always with White background and all Words yellow squares) The game star glitchie as the image attach.
  If I change reso while playing or quit game I obtain a BSOD (Blue Screen of Windows) saying: Ati3duag.dll error 0x00000050 stop working. I buy it from steam.

Please help.

I try every solution in internet. ANd the game still the same.

WIN XP SP3 32Bits
Graphics Sapphrire Radeon 5770 vapor-x 1GB
Catalyst 13.9 (I can not install 13.12 or 13.1 or 12.8 because Control Center gonna stop working)
I install all the package supported in the game folder (XLIVE working well, DirectX, etc).


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What do you mean by "Catalyst 13.9 (I can not install 13.12 or 13.1 or 12.8 because Control Center gonna stop working)"? Remove them completely and install old versions with CCC. Or install driver only + ATT.
As I remember the best Radeon drivers were Catalyst 9.8, 10.2 RC2 (ATI_8.70_RC2_WinXP_Jan15.exe), 10.9 and 10.10. 10.12 gave BSOD for some users, 11.x-11.9 gave BSOD (GTA: SA with ingame AA) and artifacts in some games (GTA: EFLC, Serious Sam HD), 11.10-13.1 had much worse performance in titles like FlatOut 1/2; GTA: SA; Race Driver GRID; The Walking Dead: The Game — Season 1. That was my experience with HD 3800 under XP x86.

At first I'd try to reset CCC settings (disable forced AA, AF etc) , then try to enable (if disabled) service ATi Hotkey Poller.
If this doesn't help there's possibility that this glitch is caused by the new drivers. The good thing with AMD drivers is that you can mix some modules (like DXVA, OpenGL, DirectX) from different packages so if one of them give you some problems you can replace it with previous versions. Enter safe mode and replace ati3guag.dll + atikvmag.dll (with versions from 13.4 or 13.1) in Windows\system32 folder. If after this games will refuse to run at all then try to rollback whole driver to 13.4, 13.1 or older.
Hope that helps.
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