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First of all, we’re sorry that we’ve been more or less flying under the radar since our first update in January. The response to our Early Access launch on Steam was tremendous, and to be honest we’ve had our hands full with answering all the feedback and figuring out a roadmap for the remainder of the development according to your feedback.

However, that’s not to say we’ve been just kicking our heels. The second update is incoming next week, and it will contain some great new content as well as significant gameplay improvements. The highlights include a completely new cinematic camera mode for taking great screenshots, highly customizable races with both lap and opponent count settings, rotating steering wheels, a plenty of new upgrade parts such as different types of differentials, another chase camera higher and further back, more precise gameplay damage, as well as a hefty amount of small but important improvements and tweaks. More about the details next week!

One thing that we know many of you are anxiously waiting for are new cars, and we’re happy to let you know that the update will see an addition of a typical 80s style American sedan. It has more weight to it than either of the cars that are now included while it’s perhaps not as maneuverable. We’re pretty confident that it will offer a great new race and derby experience. Naturally the car comes with a set of upgrade parts.

And that’s not all. A figure 8 style track is probably something that many players will consider as *the* derby track, so we thought we’d put one in! That’s right, the next update will contain a modified version of the derby arena with a figure 8 track built inside it. The space is pretty confined so speeds never get that high, but imagine the chaos and destruction with all 24 cars going after each other in such a small space!

Some teaser screenshots of the new car on the figure 8 track:



The discussion on our community forum at has been as lively as ever, with lengthy discussions going on regarding all aspects of the game. We’re also pleased to introduce two community moderators, Usmovers_02 and Majatek, that will be helping us run the forum. Both are long-time Next Car Game enthusiasts with a broad knowledge about the game. Be sure to say hello to them and join the discussion!

See you next week!

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  • Victor Cortez

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    Sweet f@ck! I can't wait!

    The new car looks nice and the figure 8 track sounds like pure madness!
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    John Burning

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    Wow! Wow! Cool! Can't wait!

    John Burning

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    Bugbear, is this will be an alpha version? Or it will stay as pre-alpha?

    Victor Cortez

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    By the way, welcome to the moderators!


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    Welcome moderators, and im so excited for the next update :D


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    Looking good, bugbear ;)
    BTW where is my badge
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    YAY looking forward to the next week


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    Yea not like i needed sleep till the update anyway. Thanks bugbear


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    Can't wait! Finally more upgrades are coming
    And congrats to Usmovers_02 and Majatek

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    When i saw there will be an 8 track in it .... :p , cant wait!!


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    I just got a T-Boner :o


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    It looks fantastic and I'm sure it will be as well to play ;)


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    man, that car *.*


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    Damn, figure of 8! Wish I had a proper PC to enjoy this.  :(