Author Topic: Weekly Report (Feb 07)  (Read 58508 times)


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yeah awesome as... cant describe it.. Good Work BB.. best christmas present ever!!


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Thank you Mika as commanded by the supreme commander Ben Lind :P

Awesome job use guys.


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Open it up, met right away with refreshing updated loading images. 10/10

Menu loads, 3 car slots, more customisation, PAINT JOBS. 10/10

Go to select track, figure 8 + lap modifier. Crank laps to 10, start race... need I say it?

Bugbear you just made my day, at 1:30 am. Thank you


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Thanks devs!
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I just noticed after days stalking steam for a download to start that the update was released! :D thank you guys! enjoy the weekend!


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Quick video of some carnage!


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Looks awesome,

Going to have to pop out and get a new comp tomorrow to play it as intended.


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Great to see an update and so soon! Downloading as I type this, great work guys! Once we have an online multiplayer I will never come off it!


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is it just me, or are the AI a little bit to soft in fenderbenders? seems like they spin off if u just sneeze at them..


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I can win now! These mods help so much. Sedan is good, course modifications are good, it runs slightly better. Still though, anybody have any tips on optimizing performance like how to stop unneeded processes? I am a pc noob and my pc is seven years old with 3 gb cpu (good video card though) so I could use some help making it run. Also, when I use a gamepad the screen stutters sometimes.


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At first I was WTF with the update, won first place on the figure-8 and gravel, then i took the assist off, much gooder :P
last place again.. major difference in the assist now. Using the new car + the old American car, with most toys maxed
(Car mods from garage).

I like the options so far. Lots of new stuff, and did not notice the hood popping up. Awesome job so far.
First request from myself would be to make the car set ups (upgrades in garage) remember from last session.
The previous camera view stays from the last race, so its overall a good start. Thanks again BB :)

@HYLK take the assist off and the AI are not as easy to smack around.

PS: Nice that the side mirror works, just wonder if it ends up on my hood (as the norm.) will i get a nice pic of my self
in the mirrror?
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So much performance improvements! It is amazing !
Thank you devs, great job :)
Loved new car, new paint jobs, figure 8 track and more changeable parts in cars .
Also handling seems to have improved and i can even race with keyboard ( anti spin 50% on gravel) :)
Ai seems to be smarter now, they use reverse to protect their cars on derby and respawn if they are on their roof.
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WOW!  :o
very very impressive. In addition to everything already said, I'm really digging the new sounds, especially the metal scratching.


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YEs the sound improvements are very nice. And that new sedan is a tank in the figure 8 :D


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Another video...

The crash was so big at the start I actually got stuck! :)