Author Topic: Next Car Game Sneak Peek Mulitplayer Mod v2! (UPDATE v2.2)  (Read 37287 times)


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Hey, a server is up for whoever wants to join.
Click here to see IP,Port and instructions:
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What about for the Alpha? Cant be too hard, since it is more or less the same game :)


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never seen a Dedicated Server tutorial which is as terrible as this crap. Useless mod of wasting time.
Video gives 0% of what everyone awant to see.


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This works but for me it causes huge laggs sometimes drops to 10-20 fps. I have sometimes 100+ fps, without this. :(


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I have a problem the program can't run because I do not have the file pthreadGC1 or because the file is damaged. Help me please  :-[


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Hmmm, did you extract all the files into one location? the file is provided in the download if I remember correctly.