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Bobby Koticks

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Having mouse controlled spherical camera would be nice while driving, I just can't stop looking back at chaos behind me (Shift). It's a second nature for those who play GTA. (Although, not inverse axis, please.)

'Cold morning' weather feels really authentic. It could use some barely noticeable rain and wet asphalt/grass/mud... but I guess that would also require some impact on driving physics.
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The Burning cars look ridiculous. I know it is good that we can distinguish the wrecked ones from the running ones, but in this game it looks ridiculous.

Just to throw in my opinion, videogame vehicles that are permanently on fire is a good thing as it helps distinguishing immobile/wrecked cars from the rest of the pack.
I agree with both of you. It's true that burning cars are usefull to distinguish the wrecked ones, but it is also true that sometimes, the fire disappears, or appears at a certain distance (the closer you get, the better). Which is confusing, especially on a track like the figure of 8. My suggestion would be to do it like in the old days (Destruction Derby Rules, remember !). Don't bother with flames, a good old black smoke is enough for any dead car. A white smoke for anything that is alive.
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Alpha Bootis

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Great update! Love the figure eight as that is a surefire recipe for disaster. :D
I've also posted this on the Facebook page though, I do seem to have performance issues since this update. Especially notable with clusters of burning and smoking cars. V-Sync seems to somewhat affect it as having it off seems to improve the situation but that may also be just that the cars are spread out more at the moment I tried it.


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- The new sounds are great, but a crashing car from a distance sounds like it's right next to me. I'm using a 5.1 surround system. I think the sound is not diffused correctly or with the right intensity.

- Dead opponents should decrease the number of active cars. I mean if you have 24 cars from the start, then when 3 cars are out, you should see 01/21 cars (or whatever your position is) still on course. On the same point, when an opponent dies, you should gain a position only when you pass his burning car by, not when he dies. After all, there is no garantee you'll live long enough to pass him by ;D


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In the next update, can you please implement a way to disable motion blur in the graphical settings?
It's seriously damaging my framerate to the point where it's almost unplayable.

By experimenting I've found out that disabling shadows seems to also disable motion blur.
This makes no sense to me, shadows has nothing to do with motion blur, has it?

For the time being, I'll play without shadows, until you fix this issue.

Love the new car and new figure 8 track, actually love the whole update in general. I just wish I had a better computer to run everything at max. I have everything on minimum or off and I still have framerate issues.


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Very happy with the update. The new car is fun to drive, the additions in audio are welcome. I personally like the fires (but I guess it could just be a smoking car without flames?) though they do look a bit strange on further distances. Everything is working nicely together so far, so everyone must be doing a great job. :)

The weight of the tire stacks is nice and when they are dispersed, they do not seem to impact the race, so it seems like an ideal solution for multiplayer. I personally would love to see the tires have realistic properties, even when dispersed. Maybe that can come into singleplayer at some point, it would make it inconsistent though. I believe it is fine right now.

I think that reverse tracks should not be a separate track, but an option to turn on/off, but that is something minor and maybe you have something else planned. Also the weather options being random is okay, should probably be able to set them though.


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Hi everybody, hi BugBear !

Like anyone of us, I love this update ! We can see your willingness to build solid foundations and they are significant !

Here are my few remarks, wich I hope will seem constructive :

- I play only with aids off. Driving improved but I think that steering is still too assisted in turn, especially with a car like the Sedan. We don't totally feel the heavy weight of this car. I also think braking still too easy.

- I love what you have done to the weight of tires, but now I think barriers are too easily destroyed, but it's really subtle. As pylons under bridges, they are supposed to be concrete and not destructible respect to these cars.

- And, maybe it's just me, but I don't hear any more engine sounds of the other vehicles except mine.

Otherwise, you are really in the good direction ! I am very attentive to the small details that you added and it is the real pleasure which you make me share !

Stand firm, dudes, you have all my respect ! :)

Amazig update :D i made a video with some of the important patch notes :D let me know what u think :)


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Great update! Especially I love sound effects! *thumb up*


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Just bought the game, wondering if Bugbear will continue to optimize the game for lower specs? My laptop is able to run 12 car races on low-medium settings and 35 fps. I would really like to race 24 car races at 30 fps OR 12 car races but with a higher framerate.

Just curious if optimizations are on-going :)


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My feedback on this update:

The new improvements are good, concrete and tires feel ok now.
The tracks look better now.
The new car is great and has a good weight. The 8-Track and the customization options are cool.

But there's still a insane, funny track missing with big jumps, many things to crash into etc.
The handling is ok, maybe for the insane tracks it has to be a little more arcady.
Those tracks are definitely needed.

An issue i noticed: i spawned in a random location in the stadium and I couldn't drive, the tires were spinning but I couldn't get away, a other car had to hit me so I could drive.
Another issue: when you drive the reverse course it sometimes displays the position as if you are eg. last and not first
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All I can say for now is that the figure 8 is massive fun. I've been ending up as the last one going a few times already! Also, the new car is a laugh as well, handles how I expected it to. Excellent work on the lighting too, the game looks amazing at sunset.

Cracking update BB, keep it up! :D

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The photo mode is a VERY welcome edition. Is this gonna be in the final game too? I do have a few issues with it right now though. On the 360 controller the camera movement is extremely sensitive. It would be nice to have a button to put it in "fine tune" mode. The KB/M controls are fine though. Also, it would be nice if all the camera settings would reset when you quit photo mode. Right now it keeps the previous settings and the numbers seem bugged as a result.
You can slow down the camera movement by holding left trigger on the controller. Also can move faster when holding right trigger.


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Excellent update, the play of light and new sounds is amazing. I look forward to new updates.  :-*