Author Topic: Car is stuck at full throttle and full left on race restarts  (Read 1275 times)


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The first race is fine, however, when you restart the race, or go back to the main menu and start a new race the problem occurs. What happens is that full throttle and full left lock are applied by default, so the car is now uncontrollable. I use a keyboard and only the hand brake affects the car in any way.

One thing I have noticed is that upon restarting the race, I am asked to press the green 'A' Xbox button instead of 'Enter'. I do not have an Xbox controller plugged into my computer, although I do have a Saitek X52 and rudder pedals permanently connected. However, in the previous versions, this caused no issue at all. Also, manipulating the controls does nothing to stop the car from doing doughnuts.



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I can confirm this, still in update 4 and with or without Xbox360 controller, when either joystick and/or rudder pedals connected I can only drive one race and have to restart the game afterwards.

The controllers are detected properly in the menu, when the error appears no input from any connected controller is accepted in game but the Start button, menu handling is fine.


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same problem

I bought game yesterday, played few events and thats it.. im stuck and cant move forward without help of other cars.. reverse is working well
I tryed every car setup, without solution.. reinstal game helped but again only for few events.

Tapio Vierros

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If you have other than XBox360 controllers, try remapping steering, brake and accelerator (with some controllers the default mappings are guessed incorrectly causing stuff like seen in the video). Also, if you have multiple controllers (e.g. separete wheel and pedals), map dummy keyboard buttons to pedals' steering and wheel's brake/accel to make sure they don't interfere with each other.


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Thank you for the reply, this worked for me. Both joystick and pedals are now mapped to keyboard keys and I can play more than one race without unplugging them before :)