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I'm starting a derby championship in flatout!! This will include some of the best drivers in the world. (Trust me, they really are good) Don't let this discourage you as only a handful are very good and luck always plays a small part in demolition derbies.

This championship will include a few heats of 5-8 cars, a consolation round for "losing" cars, and a feature for the winners of the heats and the winners of the consolation.

All heats will be recorded and uploaded to youtube. Let me know what days work best for you and if you're interested. If you think it's not a good idea you're welcome to post here as well. I'm open to suggestions :)


I am sorry to all that hoped this would happen. Clearly there is not enough support for this to happen. I really wanted it to happen, but unfortunately it seems it was not possible. I tried this earlier by telling people through GFWL and got 18 people to sign up! Apparently the dedication to action on this forum is not there. That's alright though, I will just continue to play DDF8. I have A LOT of fun on there with the new cars and the new engine sounds (They sound nearly like real derby motors) and I hope the best for you all that did want this but were unable to post a quick comment.

Everybody enjoy yourselves and hopefully screens for bugbear's new game will come out shortly,

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Hmm. Sounds interesting!