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I gotcha as a friend now John. Anytime you want to play and I'm on I'll be up for it


Alright ladies and gentlemen. This is what I want derbies to look like in the next bugbear game. As most of you European folk haven't seen what a good derby looks like. This is what it is. My buddy in the 61 car. Got crowd pleaser (That's for the guy who was pretty much the most badass out there. Best sounding/hardest hitting/ most entertaining) in both these videos.

When the car was fresh:
That's me saying the front end is starting to go, and my brother is filming it at 7:20

It's 3rd time out on the track:

The transmission held up good this last time around, he lost it in the first video because the casting was worn away. But the car was in pretty rough shape going into the derby, so this is what happened. Was still a great heat.
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