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Seeing what a hard time WRC3 has had getting distributed (it's not even available in North America for consoles) and given that the actual WRC is struggling so much (losing two major sponsors and failing to get proper TV coverage.) it's tough to know if there would be enough of a market for it.

On Steam, Greenlight has proven that racing games aren't exactly popular with the 'general public' - big games like Gas Guzzlers, WRC3 and Crash Time games all failing to get enough votes to get on Steam. It seems as though if you don't have a marketing budget the size of a small country, your racing game isn't going to have an easy time getting into the public eye :(

I would absolutely love a new Rally Trophy - I still play the original sometimes and I think it's an awesome game.. but I'd understand if it didn't happen given that the racing genre is niche and the rally genre within the racing genre is even more niche :(

A look at the Steam Store offerings is plenty of indication to me that a game doesn't have to fit into any massively popular category to become a paying proposition.  I think BugBear should seriously consider a Rally Trophy remake for their next project after the current game.

Keep the retro rallying and the old cars (Saab 96 V4, yes!), and how about a Baja 1,000, or better yet, wasn't there a rally across north Africa?  An endurance transcontinental rally, that would be something.  But keep the old tracks, Russia, Kenya, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.  They were great.  Maybe add a small section for some more contemporary cars and courses.

I'm not interested in bang'em up or cop chase races, and I've sworn off pre-orders in general, but for pCARS and for a Rally Trophy remake I'm there.

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It would be so sweet if Rally Trophy was incorporated onto the PS4


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I've never played this game myself but sounds fun with a pure rally game
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Since I have a Mac OS X, I heard about a few programs that can run Windows on Macs.  Does anybody know about this?  And if so, has anyone ever tried it just to play Rally Trophy?  I could buy the software but I wanna make sure it doesn't become a waste if it doesn't work.


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Im into motorsports in real life and just loved Rally Trophy. When it later on even got new cars as the Volvo 240 and so on made the exelent game even better.

Rally Trophy had realy good pshysiks and have spend countless of hours driving it.
There is some WRC driving games out there but I realy miss driving rwd and fwd cars lite in RT.

RT and RB was the only two racingsims that was realy good. Live4speed had its moments to.
Dirt 3 can be fun in their special gametypes but is not at good racingsim (rally or "rallycross").

Im for shoure goint to buy Early access in Next Racing Game just to support you guys and hope you will realease a Early access of "Rally Trophy 2" asswell.

Best Regards/Old FAN!

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Thanks for your kind comments! It's always so nice to hear that someone has great memories of Rally Trophy, the game that we too are still very fond of. We'd really love to do spiritual successor to Rally Trophy and we're discussing it form time to time, but I'm afraid we currently have no concrete plans. Never say never, though!

Thanks for your support!


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Add the game to Steam, so new fans can find the game.

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I had a lot of fun with RT back in the day. Still have it too. Maybe I'll try and install it and see how it looks 13 years down the road.

Forgot all about RBR. That was the rally game.
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so where can i get rally trophy? i wish it were on steam so i could try it
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Sadly like with FlatOut, we do not own any rights to Rally Trophy so we can't do anything about making it available on Steam.

Trooper Bri

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That's too bad Tero. I guess eBay or craigslist for the fan base.

It's sad to see great titles like Rally Trophy, Grand Prix Legends, and the Papyrus suite of NASCAR racing games get lost in time and technology. Driving games were thick in the later 90's and early 2000's like shooter titles are today. I still have those too. Had a lot of fun volunteering time on so I could race online cheap.

Heck, soon I'm going to have to ditch my 360 controller and dig my Momo FF wheel out of the closet to play NCG just to see if it still works. ;)
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We still have our rally trophy at home. It works fine with windows 7. My favorite car is Stratos(factory model ofc) and favorite environment is (africa?) and Russia.
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I'm great fan of Rally Trophy and I think that after all these years it would need it's sequel. Nowadays there isn't any good and realistic rally simulator game. Ok, I know about those track racing games with online racing and so on but we really need pure rally game with old classic cars and group B monsters. What could be better than such a game with modern graphics, physics and modding possibilities? 8)

I agree. We desperately want Rally Trophy 2. But what I really crave is a combination of Rally Trophy and Richard Burns Rally! Since Bugbear has already risen like a phoenix as an independent publisher with it's Next Car Game, you guys now have the money to just do that! It has been 13 years since Rally Trophy and 10 years since RBR, I think it is about time...

It's even fair to say that it is Bugbear's responsibility to do that for all us simulation lovers - whatever the price is.


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After NCG, maybe a kickstarter for Rally Trophy 2? That would be a way to find out a demand for the game.