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I think Rally Trophy is best racing game ever and I hope that Bugbear makes Rally Trophy mobile version.  ::)


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Rally Trophy 2 as either a Sim or Realistic Racer Simcade what ever you want to call it Rally trophy was one fun game Bugbear has great graphics from way back the driving model in RT1 was pretty decent and the car models were well thought up. Addition of more classic rally cars good and long rally stages a nice modern gui and excellent cotroller support for all wheel that includes a custom wheel setup would be great. There is a big demand ATM for a decent Rally Title.
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Wow, rally trophy was "BugBear's craft? so happy to be surprised!

 That was one of my favourites and i even modded the sounds of it to some hilarious Turkish :) good old days...

Yeah i really wish there was an update to this  and this time, less spinouts....


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Agreed.  It was because of Rally Trophy that I got hooked on racing games.


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Could do with changing the font-size a little... but apart from that it's nice even though I preferred the old version. Good work Bob and Aviv


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i would like it if it were released on steam
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More likely to be released on GOG (good old games). I wonder if i've still got Rally Trophy. Last time i tried playing it, there was major issues with running it.
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After driving Dirt Rally and today's 07-07-15 build of Wreckfest I wish Bugbear was doing a rally game instead of Codemasters.  It would be 10 times better.
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hi, i only now search, this is mod for world racing 2 (maps from rally trophy)

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I just noticed Nordic games owns rights for Rally Trophy. However, they cant rerelease it, because they don't have licence for cars used in game. Nordic is also publisher of Wreckfest. Could someone at Bugbear boot up photoshop and draw over car logos so we can get it legally again?

We know that we have Rally Trophy in our portfolio and would love to make it available again. However there is a problem with the original car licenses incorporated into this game. Do you know if there is still an active modding community for this game? If there is I think there is a chance to re-release if we get help to remove the licenses.
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Dirt Rally has proven to be very popular, with mod tools I don't think a new Rally Trophy styled simcade game would be a failure on the market. The game had proper physics, pretty rare for rally games of its time. It seems to be a trademark of bugbear to have their games properly thought out, wreckfest has turned out to be awesome

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