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Guy gets screwed by the officials. He had mad dog in the bag. (He still got it) But they DQ'd him when he didn't even flip onto his side and it caused him to lose in his heat.


Starts out kind of slow, but #32 really picks it up a few minutes in. Drives like a mad dog and.. you'll see how he places :)


Best car movie quote ever... "It takes a mopar to catch a mopar."


All of the best chase scenes from Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. They finally ditched that blue thing and... you'll see what they pick up :)


Good start to a derby. Awesome sounding cars. Turn it up!

Wicked hit around 8:30

Slows down quite a bit, but I thought they put on a good show until it looked like it was "The hometown crew" left
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The 3 wheeled-Grim reaper run. Was told earlier that the derbies I link are boring... Maybe you like the A-arm forward shows better. (You can weld as much as you want from the A-arms forward) Lots of front end hits.

Watch the guy with 3 wheels still crankin like a boss. Then his axle breaks and he still goes a little bit lol #666 Grim Reaper style
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Each year, a derby organization called the Booze Brothers does a hit of the year contest. This is 2009's entries. Enjoy


2011 (Even a banger racing clip made it into this one)

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Some hard hits in Minnesota and South Dakota derbies.

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    Some hard hits in Minnesota and South Dakota derbies.

    Damnnn at 1:58  :o, car push out of the arena and into the stands!!
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    Another russian morons. Subaru drives at high speed but suddenly... (Embedding disabled, limit reached) - sad epilogue (because I wanted to see them beaten). (Embedding disabled, limit reached) - full video (both parts)
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    Figured I'd share two recent meetings from banger racing here in the UK.

    First up the 2013 world final...

    This meeting has transformed a lot of the years and has become iconic for the level of preparation the drivers put into the cars. Whilst some say its a waste to throw extra money into a car that could be destroyed in one lap its fair to say the drivers spend a lot of time trying to qualify all year so all the attention the smart cars receive could be worth it.

    Highlights from youtube - (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

    A gallery of the cars -

    Next the 2013 Olly Moran memorial...

    This meeting happened just last weekend and is no doubt one of the biggest meetings of the decade, featuring the return of the Suicide Squad a very reputable team from the 80's/90's and a large turnout of the condoms another popular team.

    more important is the cause for the meeting as it is in memory of Olly moran a former PRI (The hosting promotion) driver and Maya Ford a little girl who lost the battle to meningitis aged just 21 months old.

    The meeting set up by the family and friends of Maya & Olly helped raise money towards the Meningitis research foundation.

    Here is a video containing 30 minutes of footage from both days... (Embedding disabled, limit reached)


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    This man is awesome driver.  :D (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

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